Posted by: Rob | February 2, 2010

Which Chess Piece Are You?

I just had to post this one here.  After all, I Am the King!  Link courtesy of Ærchie’s Archive:

You Are the King

You may not move quickly, but you move with purpose. You take every decision in your life seriously.

You don’t think that most risks are worth their potential downsides. You try to protect yourself at all costs.

Some people may consider you an egomaniac, but you’re simply self-interested. It’s perfectly natural to want to put yourself first.

You have a lot of responsibility, and a lot of people depend on you. If you were taken out of commission, those that depend on you would be doomed.


  1. The last (and only) time I took one of these assessments was the “What Superhero Are You” test. It turned out I was Robin! A friggin’ sidekick in panties! It took a long time to put that behind me so I’m going to pass on this one. What if I’m a pawn? Or that little clock thing that gets slammed!?

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