Posted by: Rob | February 1, 2010


Those (few) of you who might see my facebook feed may have seen a link I posted the other day to an incendiary blog post.*  Except, rather than being incendiary, it laid out, in fairly humourous fashion, the way in which a typical incendiary blog post would be constructed.  My accompanying comment on my facebook posting of the link was something like, “Ever wonder what really intelligent people do on the internet? Check out this blog post and be sure to survey a few of the comments.”  And the way the commenters on that particular post played along clearly demonstrated their worthiness to be, in fact, commenting.

Now, I normally wouldn’t regurgitate something I had previously posted on facebook, but I make exception here because, well, Stumble Upon has revealed something I knew not of before.  And that is a Brit, name of Charlie Brooker, who has a show on BBC called Newswipe.  In the attached video he constructs a typical television news segment in a similar manner as the above linked blog post is done and it is uncannily accurate.  Not to mention amusing.  Have a look; it’s a mere two minutes in length:

*Credit where credit is due.  I found the link to said incendiary blog post here.


  1. Funny. Funny. Funny.

  2. and i have now confirmed that i am ridiculously susceptible to ‘brilliant satirists’… i fell in love instantly with ‘mike the mad biologist’ while looking for a picture of a mad scientist, swooned over the brilliant dude who wrote the formulaic incendiary blog post, and am now packing a suitcase for london to try to win the heart of charlie brooker…

    gosh. i’m such a girl.

    thanks for these links… need to laugh and be distracted at the moment!

  3. […] And then, just as I was posting, I got a note about this post at Tome of the Unknown Blogger. […]

  4. Thanks for the link back. I had to laugh because the notice of your post got to me just as I was posting the video.

    Daisy, you should read Chris Clarke’s book about his dog, Zeke.

  5. Funny content but what it really did was make me wish I was in London right now. I love that town and this bit of dry humor was indicative of its people.

  6. Brilliant. Off to post it on Facebook now!

  7. haha… very funny, love the beheading with a laser beam

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