Posted by: Rob | January 3, 2020

An Affordable Home

Finally, a home that is reasonably priced! Too bad you can’t occupy it.

The current paradigm with respect to the perceived value of real estate in Canada is, in my opinion, absurd. Stories like this, while it’s tempting to view it in the context of schadenfreude, really just highlight a complete lack of due diligence on the part of the owners. As the old saying goes: Caveat emptor.


Sechelt property



  1. really not a good plan to build a home – or even a shed – on top of unstable land. no matter how gorgeous the view…

    • Very true. Still difficult not roll my eyes when people do it though.

  2. i go batshit over coastal properties – in regions of frequent hurricanes. commercial insurers will not insure such properties – too high risk – so the US government underwrites the policies. and then they get blown down again…. The National Flood Insurance Program. Grrr….

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