Posted by: Rob | April 17, 2008

Tax Returns

I just finished spending another three hours on my 2007 income tax return. It looks like I’ll have to pay an additional $13 to Canada Revenue Agency. I wasted about an hour and a half entering medical expense data only to find the total didn’t meet the threshold and so I had to delete all the info.

I am using QuickTax (Platinum this year, although I’m no longer sure why I sprung for the additional “features”). I think it used to take a lot less time when I filled in the forms with a pencil first, and then in pen.

It was bad enough having to spend countless hours trying to figure out how to do Annie’s taxes. We really complicated things for ourselves this year by each marrying a foreign national!

And we’re not quite finished yet; since Annie has reached first stage approval towards permanent residence here she now has an open work permit. That means we will be venturing in to see the fine folks at Service Canada to get her lined up with a SIN. Then we’ll have to figure out how much of her US income needs to be claimed here. Hopefully none. Otherwise it will drive up the amount of extra tax I will have to remit.

Hopefully this tax nightmare will be behind us soon (at least for this year) and then we can focus on all the good reasons we got married. 🙂



  1. … like keeping Nessie happy…?

    (She inquires sweetly, with an innocent grin)

  2. I always feel sorry for Canadians. Not only have you a similar tax filing system but a much more onerous VAT system as well. Makes me feel lucky on April 15 every year.

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