Posted by: Rob | November 6, 2011

Dear Facebook

I am a reluctant facebook user.  I remain in the massive database only by tenuous threads and it is only the connection with a few family members that keeps me from cutting out altogether.  My facebook friend list boasts a number just over sixty.  And I’m fine with that.  Probably half of them are inactive for the most part, and cause no troubles.

The active ones are a different story.  I understand the need to sometimes vent your anguish, spewing it into the universe and perhaps half hoping for some sort of divine intervention or an intercession on your behalf.  There are even places in cyberspace where you can do this anonymously.  Just plug “anonymous online confession” into any search engine and you will find yourself a diverse array of options.  Your facebook status, however, really shouldn’t be that place.

I am a middle aged man.  Please try to remember that when you are toying with an idea to post your latest teen angst, your latest relationship angst, or your latest the-world-is-against-me angst to your facebook status.  I am really not interested in reading that and there are some things I just don’t need to know or, worse, theorize about.



  1. it’s a train wreck, isn’t it? the combination of my extended family, along with a substantial number of ‘theatre’ folk has led to some astonishing moments as i scroll through my feed….

    and it generally just makes me want to give up on the future of humanity. i consider it a means to maintain ‘real time societal situational awareness’.

    • I’ve recently expanded my friends list (a very slight amount) to include a few more members of extended family. However, most of them don’t use fb very much. They all say “keep in touch”, but they’re mostly “mute”.

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