Posted by: Rob | June 11, 2011

What if?

What if the the world ended* and all that was left of humanity were the facebook server back ups?

* By “world ended” I mean all of humankind died off.


  1. any future intelligent life forms would simply say “whoa. they deserved it. hope it hurt.”

    • Ann, upon noting that the post was a one-liner, figured that I’d have had a lot more to say than I did. And I probably could, but what’s the point? You clearly grasped my thought, though. Upon looking through the bulk of the stuff that people put up on facebook, I’m discouraged by the condition of the earth’s citizenry these days. If facebook databases were all that another race of beings had to judge us, the judgement would be, um, harsh.

  2. They would sure LIKE the ending!!!

  3. our tweets and posts are likely already charging off into space in every direction. this will either cause extraterrestrials to put up signs saying “I’d Turn Back If I Were You” all around us…or just send the death ray o’ justice our way immediately. and, yeah….we’d deserve it.

    • Oddly, *I* feel that way about some of the humans on the planet.

  4. What? The world has ended yet?

    • Hi mitzi. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Seen you over at daisyfae’s place, I believe.

      The world hasn’t ended yet, but it kinda feels like something’s about to change soon. Something big.

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