Posted by: Rob | April 25, 2011


One of the (many) ongoing debates over at concerns the ability – or inability – to take physical possession of the precious metals in which folks have invested.  Since gold has become expensive and scarce, many are looking to silver as their second choice.  There is a big debate over “paper” silver versus physical silver and one’s ability to get one’s grimy hands on it.

I’ve never understood the human fascination with so-called precious metals.  I say you can’t eat silver or gold or any precious metal for that matter.

I’ve got no use for silver, so instead I’m putting my money into rice, flour and other things you can actually eat.  In the future, if I need gold or silver for something, I’ll simply take it from the bloating corpses that will be laying everywhere about.


  1. lead. it’ll be the most precious metal…

    • You are correct, to be sure. I think we’ll be able to recycle it too. Might be a bit messy, tho’.

  2. Like you, I have never understood the fascination with precious metals. However, since we remembered the time silver skyrocketed in the late seventies or early eighties, Andy and I decided to invest a meager little bit in silver. It was in 1988 and ’89, and the method we used was far from professional. We simply bought a silver ingot every time we went to the flea market. And, yes, they turned out to be real. I just sold about 20 ingots we purchased for 4 dollars each for almost a thousand dollars. Wow! Now I’m going to turn around and buy some stock with the money. I know I can’t eat it, but I don’t have enough room in my house to invest in food. 🙂

    • That’s a pretty good return, except that 80 of those ’88 – ’89 dollars probably bought as much then as a thousand buys you now.

  3. James Chapter 5 in New Testament offers guidance in the decision to load up on precious metals. For the ones seeking more contemporary advice, listen to Boone Pickens and Richard Heinberg comments on likely US Federal orders calling back all Gold/silver coin & bullion to shore up ability to pay for imported oil…

    Even with increased domestic extraction, we are now too far behind the curve to prevent Federal Executive Emergency Orders for motor fuel allocation (Rationing). Remember, without nationalized oil production, whatever we produce here is in the world market pricing structure, and world prices rule. And, if world shortage is the case, rationing comes. Moreover, (from Pickens) as the pricing becomes too high to main serious foreign exchange imbalance, rationing is the default position whether or not domestic production is expanded.

    Aside from the debate about metals and food storage and drill mania, the strategic necessity of greatest value is a rebuilt and reconstituted US Rail matrix, including dormant rail branch lines into agricultural traffic locales. Debate here is interesting, but serious action by interested corporates and individuals can best take place by dialogue with American Short Line Regional Railroad Association, to determine list of rail corridor rebuild priority.

    Keep ‘Em Rolling

  4. Wow…I thought, most illogically, that I was the only one who ever truly understood that ‘precious’ metals have no preciousness removed from contexts allowing them to retain such.

    But food and water and small, lightweight, portable housing solutions will ALWAYS have value. Water will never lose value. What the Hell good is gold and silver or – especially – diamonds, which beyond cutting glass can’t DO anything, or keep any living thing alive?

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. We NEED the silver desperately for all the runners-up in Olympic events so they don’t go nuts with type-A self-failure demons and shoot up the gold-medal winners.

    • Hadn’t thought of that one!

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