Posted by: Rob | September 28, 2010

Grave Curiosities

Found this via an agglomerate blog I read.  Use “Ctrl +” to enlarge for readability (and “Ctrl -” to shrink it back down).  Mac users should use that “squiggly” key.  I think.

Funeral Facts

Via: Funeral Flowers at


  1. although rather grim to watch, i think the Tibetians are onto something…

    • It’s repelling and yet it draws me.

  2. I want professional mourners when I suffle off the coil. Wailing! Gnashing of teeth! The whole rending of clothes. All of it!

    • I want to depart as quietly as possible. Rending and gnashing are things I did enough of as a youth.

  3. If I weren’t planning on being cremated, I’d totally have a safety coffin just for the ghoulish Victorian cachet of it.

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