Posted by: Rob | June 18, 2010

Take a Load off Mikey

I have not been much enthused about blogging of late.  Even blog reading has seemed almost obligatory.  Yet, I still look at my stats pretty much daily.  I’ve got something like three hundred and change posts.  Granted, many of them are fluff pieces or lazy blogging pieces, but it seems to be sufficient to be critical mass.  Critical mass in that there appears to be enough crap material for search engines to direct the unwary to my little corner of the interwebs.

However, the truth is, there is one post in particular that draws a lop-sided number of visitors.  It was one I put together just earlier this year and it’s about Mike Prysner.  Remember Mike?  He’s the former American soldier whose Winter Soldier testimony for the IVAW went viral around the internet via youtube.

To date, that post about Mike has garnered nearly 3600 views, more than double the next most popular post on my blog (which, for those interested, was the one I put up during the Vancouver Olympics  featuring the video of Tom Brokaw “explaining” Canada to Americans).  My blog isn’t one of those big traffic ones, so if I’m averaging 40 or views per day – when I don’t post anything – it’s almost solely due to interest about Mike.

The stats on search engine terms pretty much says the same story, except searches for “mike prysner” are nearly tenfold as numerous as those for the Brokaw piece, although that’s not including variants like the disturbing “mike prysner died” or “mike prysner death”.

I’ve been content to just let it ride as I sort out my relationship with blogging and try to figure out if I really want to continue.  Truth is, while there is a lot going on in the world, I no longer feel compelled to comment on it.  Partly because it really seems irrelevant, partly because I don’t care as much anymore, and partly because the delusion that anyone who reads this cares anything for what I have to say* has mostly slipped away.

But I suppose I should – as they say – shit or get off the pot.  And by shit, I mean resume semi-regular blogging.  So, we’ll see.

* No, this is not a ‘pity me’ plea, simply a statement of fact.


  1. understanding why you blog, benefits and costs, is pretty personal… i’ve enjoyed getting to know you through your writing, and appreciate your point of view. but it’s your space and time (cosmic)…

  2. You’re the captain of the ship. It sails where you want to take it.

  3. I certainly enjoy my visits to your blog. Hope you stick with us x

  4. Why do you have to either decide to stop or get with the program? Stop for as long as you want and post when you are moved to do so. No pressure, eh?

    I wrote a post about how I thought the Disney princesses displayed some sexuality. I constantly, *constantly* get “sexy Disney princess” hits. It’s disturbing.

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