Posted by: Rob | April 5, 2010

The All New iPad. Blendable? Yep.

I’ve been largely ignoring any media hype about Apple’s new tablet thingy – the iPad.  I don’t really know much about it.  The fact that multitudes of people have been drooling over the thing pretty much convinces me that it’s just more tripe for the masses.

But, I was catching up on bloglines this evening, having been away on a bit of a holiday, and I found this entertaining little video on zero hedge which, in my opinion, gives the iPad its just desserts.

I’ve never seen this “willitblend” guy before, and I suspect that his antics have already grown old, but I found this somewhat amusing.  Especially the part where he “smiles” for the camera at about 1:10 in the video.


  1. Ha! Saw this at archies…. and LOVE it! i’d still like to see if this works on the people who stood in line all night just to be first. will they blend?

    • I really don’t know what to think of people that do that. No, wait, yes I do…. We’re gonna need a bigger blender!

  2. Will It Blend is news to me and I couldn’t have hoped for a better introduction than the iPad. Best part: pressing the iBlend button.

    • Seen this? “You can’t just put an “i” in front of something and claim it’s worth $500.” Too funny!

  3. It all started with the Gremlins.

    • Gremlins? I heard it all started with captured extra terrestrial technology.

  4. My understanding is that it will help you loose weight, increase the size of your genitals, and provide a tax free income for life… why wouldnt you want an ipad?

    • And that’s exactly why I don’t want one. If my genitals got any bigger….

  5. It’s certainly more satisfying than trying to blend in.

    • Agreed. Blending in has never been my forté.

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