Posted by: Rob | March 5, 2010

Friday: The Best News I’ve Read All Week

It’s been busy this last while.  Colleagues going on maternity leave has resulted in a download of additional project work onto my plate.  This past week we underwent a deep drill on scope and costs for my highest priority project, trying to figure out why it’s costing so (too) much.  Long days and the obligatory night out for dinner when you have out of town folks checking your business.

I was catching up my blog reader tonight and was amazed to see this link courtesy of

This has to be, seriously, the best news I’ve read in a long while, let alone this week.  The article notes that US Rep. Gene Taylor (D – Miss) has introduced a bill, backed by a small cadre of his congressional compadres, that would see the US give Canada and Mexico the obligatory six month notice that it was exiting NAFTA.

We can only hope that it may come to pass.

Many of my fellow Canadians would not agree with me.  They’ve fallen for that imported American Dream idea and become addicted to the pursuit of money above all else, and they believe that NAFTA is the conduit to realize their ambitions.  Kicking a heroin or crystal meth habit would probably be easier than giving up the chase for the “ultimate lifestyle*”.

But what those of my fellow citizens don’t truly understand is what we surrendered when we became signatories and ratified that damned agreement, and chief among those things are water and energy, in the form of oil and natural gas.  The Council of Canadians website sums up the situation on natural gas quite nicely, in a treatise on the need for a Canadian national energy strategy:

Canada now produces about 40 per cent more oil than it consumes, but has to rely heavily on imported oil from offshore. Thanks to NAFTA, Canada now exports 70 per cent of the oil and 61 per cent of the natural gas we produce each year to the United States. NAFTA prevents us from selling our energy resources at rates lower than we sell them in the U.S. We also can’t ever cut back on the proportion of energy we produce and sell to the United States, even in times when our country runs short.

This sort of logic, as I understand it, applies to pretty much all of the natural resources we have in Canada, including fresh water.

And that’s why I think it would be great if NAFTA was dissolved.  Frankly, I’m tired of the way successive federal governments have sold off our birthrights from underneath us, I’m tired of having my utility bills yo-yo up and down at the whim of the market manipulators in New York and I’m disgusted with the way my fellow citizens have been egged on in the exploitation and sale of our resources, practically giving them away, with little regard for our environment and our future generations.

To Rep. Gene Taylor, I say “Good luck and stick with it.”  Or, in the words of Larry the Cable Guy, “Git ‘er done.”

* Large home in the suburbs, summer home or cottage at the lake, RV, boat, ATV’s, top of the line automobiles, annual vacations to Mexico, big screen TV, iPhone, every hot new electronic gadget, weekly junkets to Costco, the whole enchilada, baby!


  1. seems to me that the “FT” in “NAFTA” is anything BUT “free trade”. if Canada produces 40% more oil than it consumes, yet exports 70% to the US? That “FT” should stand for “F**K THIS!”

    Go Rep. Taylor!

  2. Well done Rob, let’s hope they give notice, was one of the worst deals Canada negotiated! P.S. Do you have ‘drill down’ dreams as well… I always wake up exhausted!

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