Posted by: Rob | February 15, 2010

Cold Spots and Shoes in the House

It seems that the spirits in our house are still restless.  We were having a “couples” shower in the big tub in the basement bathroom this morning when we were apparently assailed.  Being in the basement, that bathroom could never be mistaken for a sauna, but this morning, the cold spots swirling around us were more than we’ve ever experienced previously while standing under the warm water spray.  It was, to say the least, a bit disconcerting.  It also made for a quick and efficient shower.*

We spent Family Day doing a bit of shopping, mostly for renovation supplies for the office makeover.  A new ceiling light fixture was definitely on the list and we found one at Home Depot that we hoped would brighten up the room.  Later, back at home, I balanced on my little two rung stepladder removing the old fixture and then dressing the wires to accept the new fixture.  Cold spots swirled about me for less than a minute.  It was enough that I took note of it.  There was no way it could have been a draft.  Just not possible.

After starting last evening, I managed to complete removal of the old hardwood flooring tonight.  It occurred to me that one only need take up old carpet or remove old flooring in order to fully grasp the wisdom of what is a common cultural occurrence in my country: removing your outdoor shoes at the door.

As I removed strip after strip of flooring, I was both amazed and appalled at how much dirt and grit were between the flooring slats and, to some extent, under them.  At first I thought that perhaps this dust was the remnants of floor sanding during previous refinishing efforts.  Some of the particles “glittered” like sand particles like you would see on manufactured abrasives.  Some of the dust appeared to be “sawdust-y” in nature.  But some just looked like dirt and the preponderance of it being in the main traffic area in the centre of the room clearly indicated that it mostly just old dirt.  Conversely, when the floor boards in the closet came up, there was a conspicuous lack of dirt and the slats themselves were nearly pristine.

I am definitely looking forward to completing the flooring replacement project.  Not only because it’s going to spruce the place up, but because it’s going to enable me to rid us of some of the 60 years of accumulated dirt in this place.

* A commenter on my previous post asked whether or not we’re disturbed by living in a house that seems to be inhabited by spirits also.  So far, the spirits have been benevolent, with no hint of malevolence.  While I suspect that some of the spiritual presence here is due to our own loved ones, the occurrences have been happening pretty much since we bought this house in 1996.


  1. I’m actually jealous that you know how to do things like flooring and lighting fixtures. My brother-in-law, another genius with a toolbox, installed central air conditioning in his own home! How did you guys learn to do this stuff?

  2. Removing shoes at the door is such a great thing to do.

    I have an whole blog about it: Shoes Off at the Door, Please You might like to take a look.

  3. My husband was Filipino and his whole family takes their shoes off. I got into the habit when we were dating and married, and it’s probably been 15 years since I wore shoes in the house. I have a shoe rack near the front door, and my daughter and I both automatically take off our shoes as we come in. (I don’t make visitors do it, though.) I don’t know that it makes our carpets visibly cleaner, but we also have two cats who seem compelled to make awful messes. I fantasize about having hardwood floors one day!

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