Posted by: Rob | February 13, 2010

Sexism and Stereotypes Sell Cars

Apparently, the old tactic employed by the purveyors of consumerist culture, namely isolating families from their community and keeping them in their homes, in order to sustain a healthy rate of sales of unnecessary trinkets, junk and other diversions, is failing.

What’s the next step?  How to keep people buying things?

How about drive a wedge between men and women, husbands and wives?  Play upon and enhance stereotypes both true and maybe untrue in order to create demand.

I don’t watch television and “professional” sports are of no interest to me whatsoever.  I have never – yes, never – watched a Superbowl.  I’ve barely ever watched Canadian football, either in person or on television, so there’s no way I could care less about American football.  And, because I have never watched a Superbowl, I’ve never been sucked into the hype over Superbowl adverts*.

In these days of youtube, my attention was drawn to this beauty from Chrysler for their Dodge Charger:

Now I suppose I can see why some ad execs might have thought that this was funny.  But it’s a stretch.  It pretty much says that men have a high level of unhappiness in their relationships because they feel put upon to act like adults, be active members of a partnership, and show some consideration for their partner.  Frankly, any man who feels this way – and is compelled to purchase an automobile based on the above – should never have entered into a relationship.  Any man that juvenile did not really become a “man” and should still be living at home with his mother.  If I ever needed a reason not to buy a Chrysler product (and I don’t), the above advert would have provided it.

But, it wasn’t enough that this insult to a thinking person’s intelligence actually be broadcast for public consumption.  Some offended women have enjoined the age old battle and fired back with a volley of their own:

Really, can’t this mean, stereotypical, sexist bullshit just stop?  It’s not funny.  And it’s not helping.

* Hype about adverts?  WTF?


  1. the first ad is atrocious. I get your point Rob, but I wasn’t so offended by the comeback because I enjoy satire.

    though I did get sidetracked by an ad at the bottom of the screen for this show…..

  2. Wow. thanks for bringing this to my attention. I didn’t watch the game either so I never saw the first ad. I agree that sexism is alive and well in the world and things like the 2nd ad only perpetuate it. Excellent post!

  3. if the existence of ovaries inmy body ever causes someone to treat me in a manner that is undesirable? i’ll deal with it…

    the globalized ‘jab/response’ is the equivalent (to me) of collective bargaining. which is also not something that i would sign up for…

    i can see the satire, but not sure if it helps to resolve anything…

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