Posted by: Rob | February 8, 2010

Spirit Shenanigans

As preface, it must be said that she has a vivid imagination.  What writer doesn’t?  And so she dreams.  A lot.  Nightmares, sometimes, during which I have been awakened by thrashing.

Last night, we went to sleep as usual, both of us on our left sides.  Her back to me, my right arm encircling her middle.

It seemed like I had only drifted off when I was startled awake by a sharp intake of breath and abrupt movement under my arm.

“Wha…?” I said, sleepily.

“Something hit the bed!”

I have grown accustomed to making attempts to defuse fears brought on by nightmares.

“No.  You just imagined it.”

“I thought I heard a knock, too.  But not on the door.  From the closet.”

The closet is a renovation in progress.  A small walk in, it is only drywalled on the outside.  There is no door yet, not even a jamb.

“I’m cold.”  I snuggled up to her and felt warmer, almost immediately.

It didn’t take long until I made the mental connection between my feeling cold and the thump on the bed.

We discussed last night’s occurrence today during one of our telephone conversations.  I advanced my theory.

“It must be because of the changes.  Every time we make a change in the house, we seem to make the spirits restless.”

I’m painting the office room on the main floor currently.  There have been significant wall repairs; cracks and replacement of pieces of plaster.  After I had primed the entire room, I noticed some dark spots had bled through.  They came off with a wet rag, but I idly wondered if I would need to apply KILZ to keep them away permanently.  I have no idea what caused them.

The room has a history, though.  It’s where my late wife spent the last month or so of her life.  She died there.

Also, it may also have been witness to a young girl’s suicide some years before.  One daughter, who inhabited the room for awhile when she was a teen, tells a story of seeing a spectral girl sitting on her bed.

At times it must be bliss to be “psychically deaf“.


  1. Most people are afraid of ghosts. But for me, it’s proof that something might actually happen to us after we die. That we don’t just disappear into the nothingness. I don’t believe in a man with a long, white flowing beard sitting on a cloud so this is encouraging.

  2. Have you tried talking to the closet? Not in a Ouija board/tarot card way, but physically walking into the closet and asking what’s up?
    If your place is that active, you may find quick answers.
    Been there, done that… you just have to be willing to listen.

  3. And you’re ok with living in a haunted house? Even if you know who’s haunting it? I’ve heard lots of these kinds of stories, scared myself silly on a ‘mysteries of the unexplained’ digest a few years ago. Never had such an experience, am perfectly happy being ‘psychically deaf’.

  4. UB, it is nice to know that there is willful life after this one.

    Stephanie, we could try the tape recorder thing b/c often spirit voices will show up on tape even though you can’t hear them. I have “spoken” to the closet, the hallway, the basement, but mostly when I was fed up with being startled and wanted it to cease. I have angrily ordered the dead husband to take care of things too when I was at my patience’s end and he complied.

    Girl, I don’t know about being “okay” but it is what it is.

    • my mom swore by calling Them “Joe Bag of Doughnuts”.
      Whenever They don’t listen, I do the Joe thing, and for some reason it works… it’s a long shot, but hey…

  5. i’ve seen some odd things that i can’t explain, but attribute it to my own lack of knowledge… but i’ve got to say, if i had things banging around in my bedroom? i can’t imagine being quite so calm about it… either psychically deaf or completely in denial, it works for me….

  6. I wish i believed in some sort of afterlife 😦

  7. @Daisyfae: depends on what’s being banged, lolz 🙂

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  9. One of the schools I worked at on a reservation, held funerals in the gym as it was the only facility large enough to hold the funeral. Made an interesting work experience! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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