Posted by: Rob | January 22, 2010

A Little Perspective

Sometimes, when we are all wrapped up in the trials and tribulations of our lives, obsessing over our petty grievances, sometimes, we just need a little perspective, don’t we?



  1. thanks. broke my heart, and will shut me right up about my latest frustration with paperwork in the office…

    • I have a work colleague who has a plaque in his office with what I think is one of the most brilliant pieces of wisdom:

      “A million years from now, none of this will matter.”

      I have come to believe that almost every sense of urgency we are faced with in our cushy white bread work world is arbitrary and fabricated. Oh, and tied to the idea of “money”. My response nowadays? “Homey don’t play that game.”

  2. oh wow – what a post. thank you so much for linking to it

    • Indeed. You’re welcome.

  3. so much for my appetite this morning. it really did make me physically ill. this in a country that prattles on about taking care of its own? sheesh…

    • Sorry about the appetite gnukid. Sally’s story really does add context, doesn’t it? Appears like there’s a big disconnect between talking the talk and walking the talk.

  4. thank you for the press!

    I was so hesitant to share that story. I wasn’t sure if it would make “Sally” sound like an idiot or if it would make me sound like I was making fun of her or what.

    I just wanted people to know that there are people like her out there. People who have so much to offer to the world who hardly have a chance to leave their house.

    Sally is an amazing woman. She has raised so many children, and I can honestly say that with her piece of advise to me, she’s even had a hand in raising mine. (The issue was that my son would absolutely not stay in his bed all night, he was up and down every hour some nights, every couple most nights. It was wreaking havoc on the household and everything that goes on in it. Even the darn cat was totally freaked and was puking every time he’d wake up because he’d wake up and panic. We were a mess)

    Anyway. Thank you. I’m not sure if you are a regular reader of mine, I stop here quite often from Ann’s blog. I’m a lurker, I’ll admit. A terrible commenter in the worst way. But I do enjoy your words

    • Lora,

      I don’t think I realized how much traffic you might get from my link; I hope that that wasn’t a problem.

      I have been more of an irregular reader at your site, prompted to click over whenever you left a comment on Ann’s blog or a she got a referral from you.

      The post about Sally was pretty powerful and those kinds of human stories really can bring you back down to earth. It reinforces or re-awakens one to what is important in this life we have. Thank you for sharing Sally’s story. It was well written, respectful and really highlighted more about the circumstances of her life than what life had made her.

      Thank you for your kind words.

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