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Who is Mike Prysner?

Looking for something new to look at on the intertubes the other day, StumbleUpon landed me on this youtube video.  It’s about 4 1/2 minutes long, if you choose to view it:

A rough transcript from part of Mike Prysner’s monologue goes something like this:

Our real enemy is not the ones living in a distant land whose names or policies we don’t understand; The real enemy is a system that wages war when it’s profitable, the CEOs who lay us off our jobs when it’s profitable, the Insurance Companies who deny us Health care when it’s profitable, the Banks who take away our homes when it’s profitable. Our enemies are not several hundred thousands away. They are right here in front of us.

– Mike Prysner

Some additional quotes provided by the video poster, presumably for context:

The chain reaction of evil… wars producing more wars… must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy… The loss of Liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or imagined, from abroad…”

– James Madison

Mike Prysner’s message, of course, is a good one and, I think, quite correct.  The Military-Industrial Complex was founded upon, and flourishes upon, aggression and war.  A select few will become wealthy (or wealthier) upon the backs (and lives) of the common citizens of countries that embrace the Military-Industrial Complex model.

The video above was well done, though.  Almost too well done.  Too slick.  I wondered to myself what the story behind Mike Prysner was.  I turned to google to see what I could learn.

First thing I looked at was this picture of Mike Prysner, wearing his army uniform, being arrested at an anti-war march in Washington, DC September 15th, 2007:

"Mike Prysner Arrested"

Photo by: danny.hammontree (

In the description text is a link to a letter Mike Prysner wrote to Michael Moore while he was in Iraq.

The above video was recorded during testimony at an event sponsored by Iraq Veterans against the War (IVAW) called “Winter Soldier”.  Another link on the google search return goes to a page on IVAW’s website about Mike.

So far, everything is positive.  But, you say, that can’t last, can it?

Nope.  I get to a page on and the fourth item down is headed “Mike Prysner ; true communist hero”.  If you want to know both sides of the story, you’ve got to read both sides, right?

I clicked on the link and it brought to be a blog post (* where his political aspirations and ideological leanings (socialist/communist) were called out (as negatives) and his military record published and denigrated with the conclusion that he’s lying about his experiences in Iraq and that the people who consider him a hero have pretty low standards for heroes.

The tarring and feathering** only gets worse in the comments on the post, with links provided to a video of Mike speaking at an ANSWER rally in March of 2009:

and to a photo of Mike purportedly manning a booth in front of the Federal building in Los Angeles:

What does all this say about Mike Prysner?  It’s precious little to form an opinion.  From the video of the “Winter Soldier” testimony, I would say he is an intelligent and articulate young man.  I think he has the right idea in his identification of certain interests who, as a minority, reap tremendous material gain at the expense of the majority of common citizens.  His attempts to end the war(s)/occupation(s) in Iraq (and Afghanistan) are indeed noble.  However, his execution and apparent embracing of far left political ideologies have been significant tactical blunders if he harboured hopes of effecting any kind of change in the United States.  That’s because most Americans*** really have no concept of any of the differences in political manifestos.  To the average American, socialism = communism = everything bad*** and fifty odd years after McCarthy, it’s still “Better dead, than Red”.

* I’ll supply the blog post URL, but in the realm of pings and trackbacks I am disinclined to post an actual link.

** This is not to say that I either agree or disagree with the comments made on the blog post, other than to say that they were very partisan – and unforgiving – in nature.

*** I trust that my American readers will not be (and should not be) offended by this sweeping generalization.  I consider my American readers to be “10-percenters” and are, therefore, exempt from my generalizations about their homeland.  How’s that for weasel words?

**** Which is odd when you consider that the US is a country well on its way to neo-fascism.


  1. i saw the prysner video. he articulates his position well – and whether they are his words or a script, they don’t ring less true to my ears.

    appreciate that you dug out more on him… not surprised there are political aspirations. if i were an activitist, he’d be exactly the sort of person i’d want out front…

    we all do it. when i was working to convince my local city council to build a skatepark? i found my ‘spokes-skater’ in the form of a 26 year old, clean-cut pharmacist. at a council meeting, i introduced him saying “and now, one of our young skaters would like to say a few words”. the council looked to the back of the room, at the little longhairs, wearing beanies and looking uncomfortable. and i got the desired reaction when the young man, coat and tie, walked to the podium to discuss the merits of skateparks…

    the point? image can work for/against an advocate. and in a world where everyone has a camera, and digital imagery can be posted/linked and found nearly instantaneously? who can truly manage ALL aspects of “image” without a full time PR machine orchestrating every move?

    sorry for the long commentary, but his words are powerful to me… and very sad.

  2. Hi Rob, thanks for the (mostly) positive and objective post.

    Just to clear a couple things up–the blog post “Mike Prysner, true communist hero” was written by one of the most far-right, racist, pro-fascist blogger I have encountered, so I wouldn’t really take it as a credible source. His post is largely correct, however, except for his two main points that 1) I have higher political aspirations and 2) I lied about my service.

    First, I have absolutely no political aspirations. I did run for congress in Florida, in an election I had no chance of winning, to publicly oppose the other candidates who were pro-war (one of which I served with in Iraq). The purpose of the campaign was to bring those real issues into the political arena and expose the true nature of the mainstream candidates, which I believe we did successfully. My activity in a radical left political party is due to my own personal beliefs about how to change the world, not because I’m some front-man trying to boost my career. I have no interest in any selfish endeavor–only the struggle for justice. And I have sacrificed and risked immensely for that struggle, quite the opposite of taking advantage of it!

    Second, the claim that I fabricated my military service is rebutted by actually looking at my service records, showing 1 year of combat duty. The authors claim that I merely sat behind a computer screen would easily be explained by the biography that he took a screen shot of, but apparently did not read, explaining that my job was made obsolete in the first month, after which I was sent to do patrols, raid houses, and interrogate detainees. His “proof” being that I had no “combat action badge”… an award that did not exist until I got out of the military. And, it is a claim that is somewhat insulting, considering that I was compelled to join the anti-war movement because I couldn’t sleep at night after the experiences I had been through.

    I hope this answers some of the questions about who I am!

    • Mike,

      Thanks for your comments and clarifications. I approved this comment as the source IP suggests that it is bona fide and therefore I am accepting it at face value.

      I honestly had not heard of you prior to StumbleUpon landing me on the youtube video from “Winter Soldier”. Your testimony in the video, coupled with the imagery is indeed compelling. My first inclination was to re-post it on my blog with a few comments. However, as things are not always what they seem, especially in the US, I did the searches as I described in this post to learn a little more about you. The search returns were not numerous (at the time) and it was mostly either supportive, simply journalistic, or contained some negative or derogatory comments.

      The blog post you mention, which does come across as very right wing, I did personally find offensive and the comments on the piece were even worse for that matter. I did not state an opinion on it in my post, other than to point out that I was disinclined to link the post directly, lest I invite that kind of vitriol to my little corner of the web.

      It may not be readily apparent, but I am not a US citizen but, rather, a citizen of the US’ neighbour to the north, and so my level of involvement is pretty much limited to “interested observer” status.

      I will say that writing this post about you did create a significant increase in the number of views on this blog, mostly as a result of searches for “mike prysner” or “who is mike prysner” or “mike prysner IVAW”. This post has also been linked into a couple of forums discussing your views, which has also resulted in some referrals.

      As I said, I think your ideals and objectives are noble and fitting. Sadly, I think it’s a very uphill battle to obtain broad acceptance of them in today’s USA. But, I wish you well in your endeavours, wherever they may lead you.

      Take care.

    • Hearing Mike Prysner talk reminded me of Smedley Butler’s “War is a racket.” Not much has changed since WW I. I don’t know. Prysner seems like a sincere young man who realized he was being used. A soldier answers a noble calling and having realizing that your idealism is being exploited for personal gain must be painful. I imagine most soldiers don’t want to think about that possibility. But if you do, trying to wake up your fellow soldiers and citizens is as equally noble and probably just as difficult. A wish him well.

    • Mike,

      Listen.. maybe you were a GSR who was turned into a “shake and bake” infantry, but let’s be clear here. You had an obligation to call your chain on any illegal orders.

      Now.. I don’t what kind of undisciplined bunch of thugs you got assigned to (assuming you are actually telling the truth). But you KNEW the Geneva Convention and you knew you had access to both the “open door” to your Commander, as well as a JAG if you saw anything that was a violation of the Geneva convention. You had an OBLIGATION to speak up right there and then and protect your prisoner from abuse by your fellow soldiers.

      I was there for 2 years myself as a contractor who interacted with a lot of the soldiers on the ground. And for every incident of racism, I saw a hundred displays of compassion and concern for the average Iraqi. And during my time there, I viewed hundreds of atrocities committed by the various Militant Muslim insurgent groups. They are STILL committing them to this day.

      Sure would be nice if your were as “anti-war” with regard to the atrocities THEY perpetrate as you are about your own atrocities.

      The Taliban have killed over 500 innocent civilians since October.

      But I guess they don’t qualify as “racist”.

      If your account is truthful, it sounds as if you’re making up for the guilt you feel because you DIDN’T DO YOUR DUTY AT THAT TIME in preventing such behavior.


  3. Hey Ron,

    You seem to be a little confused.

    I’m not talking about illegal orders from my chain of command, or violations of the Geneva convention. You’re speaking as though I was part of some isolated Geneva Convention violations that I didn’t speak up about.

    I’m talking about the occupation as a WHOLE, not what I personally did. Over 1.3 MILLION Iraqis were slaughtered because U.S. capitalism wanted access to Iraq’s natural resources. It’s that simple.

    Countless people are sent to Iraq with the illusions of fighting for some just cause, only to be radicalized by their first-hand experiences–like myself. And many of us are standing up and telling others not to make the same mistakes we did–to not throw your life away, and the lives of innocent people, so some CEO’s can increase their quarterly profits.

    But you have found a way to justify your participation in what will go down in the history books as one of the worst atrocities against a completely innocent population. I hope all that contractor money was worth your place in history.

    • Hey Mike,
      You continue to point out a lot of problems in the USA and a lot of your points I agree with, but you have yet to offer a single solution.

      I wanted to make a comment on the speech you made. You vilify business for cutting jobs when it’s profitable and health insurance companies for turning down insurance. What is your solution to these problems?

      Simply put, someone has to pay you for the job you are doing and someone has to pay for the doctors and health care supplies. If a company cannot afford it, they are not villains, they simply cannot operate with charges that high.

      I would love to live in a perfect world where we had unlimited supplies of everything, but its just not possible. If your solution is universal health care and more government jobs, you will sacrifice things such as quality of service.

      Cancer survival rates are significantly higher in the U.S compared to it’s socialized medicine counterparts. So obviously giving health care to everyone doesn’t always save everyone.

      Thank you for taking your time to read this,

      Source for cancer patient survival rates:

      • Jeremy,

        I happen to be the owner of this blog and, as such, I’m exercising my supreme right to step in and address your comment. I did approve it although, based on the content, it is scarcely better than spam.

        I’m going to focus solely on your comments related to cancer survival. I have some interest in this subject since my first wife died from metastatic malignant melanoma at the age of 45. We’re Canadian and your broad brush seems to imply that it was our universal, single payer health care system that essentially killed her. Well, I beg to differ.

        I took a look at your “source” for survival rates. The data tables presented are laughable, because all “cancers” are lumped together. Since every type of cancer is different and there are a multitude of factors that make every individual case somewhat unique, these data figures are worse than meaningless.

        I put “source” in quotes because the blog post lists something called the “National Center for Policy Analysis” as the data source. I looked that particular organization up and found, mostly from wikipedia, that it is essentially a conservative think tank. Some have termed it a right wing think tank. Funding sources over the years have included the insurance industry as well as corporations like ExxonMobil. Not exactly unbiased sources of funding, even putting the fact that the think tank is right wing aside. And I would look with great skepticism at any data or figures published by such an organization.

        As far as Mike’s comments go (from the video), I re-iterate that his points are valid. And you, Jeremy, are correct in that alternative solutions must be brought to light, discussed and, if found to be reasonable, implemented. However, in my opinion, the American electorate is very resistant to any sort of change, partly, I think, because they believe that what they have in place is perfect, works fine and needs no fixing. The first step in what will be a very long and involved, not to mention complex, process is recognizing that something is indeed wrong. Until you, the American electorate, can come to some sort of acceptance that something is wrong with the status quo, nothing will happen. At least not until the entire house of cards collapses. And it will, because what is in place is not sustainable. Sadly, most are blind to that fact.

    • Mike, you’re so full of crap it’s stinks.

      First off… The majority of deaths in Iraq have been the result of Islamic Militants/Insurgents. And they CONTINUE to kill innocent Iraqis (Militant Muslims killing Moderate Muslims).

      And as for your 1.3 million death toll, that’s just BS!! Even “Iraq Body Count” isn’t so crazy as to believe that number. They put the figure at about 100,000 (and that’s definitely tragic). So don’t LIE and pull these numbers out of your fourth point of contact:

      Saddam’s regime should have been overthrown in 1991. But the UNSC permitted him to remain in power so long as he abided by the UN Cease-Fire agreement, UNSC 687. He materially breached that cease-fire in 1998 when he halted cooperation with UNSCOM inspections. It took 5 years of pressure by the US and its allies to actually obtain a UNANIMOUS UNSC resolution declaring this material breach of the cease fire.

      Now Mike… When a cease fire has been declared “null and void” due to a material breach, it does not default to “peaceful coexistence”..

      No. It defaults back to the previous state of hostilities. There’s no other option.

      And it should not have taken 5 years to arrive at that state. It should have occurred in 1998, when he kicked out those UNSCOM inspectors for discovering that Saddam’s regime had LIED in how it accounted for its chemical weapons usage in the 1980’s and refused to resolve the discrepancy.

      And listen.. you want to talk about “corporate interests”? Talk about France, Russia, China, and quite a few other governments who ACTIVELY sought to thwart and undermine the United Nations Security Council resolutions for 13 years in order to gain access to Iraqi oil. The “Oil for Food” scandal was only the most blatant of these scams and it was uncovered ONLY after Saddam was overthrown.

      Look at the following link and see that fully 20% of Iraq’s imports came from France. I know you’ll automatically reject this source, but it’s accurate according to the other sources I am aware of:

      Furthermore, Iraq OWED Russia some $16 Billion (mostly Soviet Era):

      China wrote off 80% of the $8.5 Billion that Iraq owed them:

      Makes sense that’s why they got some very lucrative oil concession from the Iraqi government:

      And now they just got another one:

      How many oil concessions do US companies have in Iraq right now?

      Just one.

      The US team gets $1.90/bbl for exceeding production goals:

      And in case you can’t comprehend that article, that means that over 90% of ALL revenue generated from those oil wells go to Iraq.

      Some exploitation.. ROFLMAO!! They’ll be lucky to break even, given the uncertainties and risks involved in such projects. But it’s a “foothold’ and hopefully opens the door to more lucrative contracts in the future.

      Bottom line.. the ELECTED Iraqi government isn’t stupid and they are playing HARDBALL with all the oil companies because they know they’ve got the largest remaining untapped oil reserves on the planet (more than Saudi Arabia).

      Iraq is about 10-20 years from becoming one of the wealthiest countries in the region.

      So why did we overthrow Saddam? We did it because it would draw all the Militant Muslims to Iraq in order to defend the “Dar Al-Islam” (and it did) where they could be defeated.

      And why Iraq? Because Iraq borders all of the major states in the region, most of which are totalitarian and religiously militant. Create some semblance of secular democracy in that country and it’s influence will permeate each of it’s neighbors. We planted the seed of democracy in the middle east in hopes that it would grow.

      And why would we want to do this.. Because these totalitarian Arab regimes are corrupt, their people poor and oppressed, and they are being undermined and threatened by an even greater threat, Militant Islam. Moderate and progressive Muslims are threatened by the religious fanatics and unless we can unleash democratic reforms and economic progress, these regimes will be replaced by Islamo-Fascist state bent upon waging global Jihad.

      You need to adjust your “head-space and timing”. We’re propping up corrupt regimes, hoping to change them, because we finally understand, and fear, what may replace them; Militant Islamo-Fascism.

      And personally speaking, I don’t want our children to have to fight THEIR children because people like you were too cowardly and indifferent to care about creating a better future for them.

      It’s not my fault that they currently live under totalitarian regimes. But whenever the opportunity arises, we have an obligation to unleash democratic forces and make their governments (and the electorate) accountable and responsible for their future.

      And btw, don’t preach your socialism as some kind of solution.. Just look at Venezuela and Cuba for evidence of what your type have in store for this country.

      Economic theories should serve the people of this country, not the other way around.


      • Ron,

        Yours is an absurd, infantile, completely backwards position. Maybe you should try actually comprehending US foreign policy instead of simply regurgitating what you hear from neoconservative think-tanks.

        No wonder the Iraqi people despise the racist & chauvinist mercenary forces like yourself.

  4. Jeremy,

    This is a lot to get into, but I’ll try to be concise.

    When a company lays off workers, or when an insurance company denies people care, it’s not because they “can’t afford” it… it’s because they can’t afford any dent in the massive profits for their shareholders and CEO’s.

    I would say that if you layoff ten thousand workers, destroying their lives, so your executive board can take home a million dollar christmas bonus, then you are a villain.

    I would say that if you deny families life-saving medical care, so your quarterly profits surpass the last quarter, then you are a villain.

    You point out that cancer survival rates are higher in the US… which one would expect from the richest country in history. But you fail to recognize that the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the US is due to hospital bills. Furthermore, the majority of those who go bankrupt from hospital bills actually HAVE health insurance.

    There is an overabundance of wealth and resources in the US. The problem is, that wealth is owned by a tiny clique of billionaires (who produce nothing) while the vast majority (who create the wealth) must struggle for access to a job, a home, health care, an education, etc.

    If the wealth of this society was used to benefit all people, instead of a tiny few, that is the solution. We are in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, yet over $500 MILLION a day is spent on these senseless wars. That money alone would go a long way to helping those affected by the crisis.

  5. First to address Rob,
    I have to say, calling an opposing opinion to yours “scarcely better than spam” is very immature.

    I never meant to blame the health care system in Canada on every death that resulted from cancer. I simply was pointing out that you sacrifice quality when you aim for quanitity. I apologize for picking a source that leans right, but if you simply google “cancer survival rates united states”, you will see a number of source that confirm that. Including results from Eurocare at

    I do agree that the health care system still does need to be reform to be more affordable, I do not agree that the American electorate is resistant to change or that they do not recognize the problem. I think they just do not approve of trashing the current system and making a new one. That is not reform, that is rebuilding from the ground up. I believe there is was to lower prices (such as limiting law suits against doctors) and even having the government step in to help those who can’t afford it (not socializing the entire system).

    To Mike, I am not sure about the health care reference you made where a company turned down care to surpass their previous quarterly profits. If you give me more details on that situation I can comment on it.

    While the situation where CEO’s are leaving companies with golden parachutes and the employees suffer, what do you suggest we do to solve those problems? I completely agree that those company’s behavior is sickening, the business sector still has a large number of businesses that create numbers of jobs for people and conduct business ethically.

    Also you stated that a company “laid off ten thousand workers, destroying their lives, so your executive board can take home a million dollar christmas bonus.” Well 100 million divided by 10 thousand is only 10 thousand dollars. Assuming 10,000 dollars per person doesn’t keep them employed very long, I have to assume you are making your numbers up.

    Again thanks for taking the time to talk to me, both Rob and Mike, I enjoy keeping my mind open and hearing everyone’s arguments.


    • Jeremy,

      It’s not apparent to me how much you know about personal blogs, as you did not leave a link to your own blog when you left your comment. My stat keeper records show that you viewed only this particular post on my blog, and that you’ve loaded this particular page at least eight times today. I have a right to my opinion about what anyone posts on my blog and I really don’t have to take insults. There are many spammers and trolls who will leave what looks like a bona fide comment, but include a link to some website somewhere. As most of those links are likely to porn sites or to other web sites I consider objectionable, they are pretty much considered spam. You left a link to a web site advocating ideologies that are at odds to my own and that I consider borderline objectionable, hence my observation that it was “scarcely better than spam”. What would have been immature is if I had denied you a voice entirely here and merely deleted your comment.

      I don’t really feel compelled to share my particular views on what is termed “health care” (It’s really just the delivery of medical services, nothing more, nothing less. There’s no “care” involved, in my opinion.) By the way, the link you supplied above requires some kind of membership at to view it so, unless you’re a physician or other medical system employee, I doubt you even read the linked article. In Canada, we have a small population and yet we manage to not only take of all of our citizens, but we also seem to extend our benevolence to unfortunates from elsewhere in the world. Is it easy? No. Is it practical? No. Are there problems? Definitely. But, at least there are basic services available to all, and no one need go bankrupt and lose everything over unpaid hospital bills. And on top of all that, we devote significant resources to training physicians, only to have them essentially betray us by moving south to join the American for-profit system for nothing more than material wealth.

      Your beliefs about the American electorate are yours. I am not anti-American. I have relatives who are Americans. My second wife and third daughter are American. Because of that, I follow developments in the US. I see the reactions of the voters. I’ve heard all the rhetoric on both sides. They say that you can judge a society by how it treats its weakest members. On that criteria, the US would not fare well against that measure, in my opinion. You seem open to the idea of taking care of those who are weaker members of your society, so good for you.

  6. I do not want to argue, but just comments on this blog. I AM NOT IN FAVOR OF SOCIALISM, BUT AS A HUMAN BEING I FEEL THE PAIN OF THE DEPRIVED AND POOR. As far as Mike’s comments, I agree with most of them. I was born in a Brittish colony, and the treatment by the colonial governments as well as those who collborated with the colonists must be viewed before we talk of our presence in other parts of the world. Are our forces dealing humanely, with those very people who have been in those cultures for centuries, and think that their culture is superior to ours, do they try to force their culture on us? Why we have to force ours on others. Every culture, every religion and non religion, has good points and bad points. None is superior to another, may be in a puritanical form, but who choses the puritanical, another human being, with special interests? Mike has missed to mention the bombs that have been used in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and God knows where else, emit radiation, and all smart bombs do that. Those people pay dearly for supporting us invade their lands. The bombing of Iraq by USA in 1990, has left a mark of 36% birth defects in Iraqies of that age and time. One Brittish lady doctor published this paper in late 1990s and she has been eliminated from medicine as far as I know.
    As far as companies, health care and non health care, are governed by smart people. They pay a good price for themselves, and they respond to shareholders, sometimes with profits and other times with losses, but more consistent are, profits and big bonuses for themselves. If someone questions it in Feb. 2010, while fed government has borrowed hundereds of thousands of dollars from our next few generations, and given to these “AILING BANKS and companies, are raising eye brows, after their the big bonuses to the CEOs, then the person has been sleeping in his den.
    For health care industry, go and look at their histories, their budgets, pay scales, profits and losses, then we should talk about it.
    Let me put it this way, a big portion of the health care expense is during childhood and old age, Who does pay for it? Governments, local, state and federal, because young men and women are going through education. However between the ages of 15 to 60, most of the expenses are injury related and sugical account for some, but not whole lot. It is paid by private insurance companies and a very small part by government. Now look at the categories, we pay to federal government all our working life as social security, and medicare, plus we pay the private insurance company. Why the whole thing does not get streamlined and we pay to one entity, and curb the big pays for CEOs?
    As far recessions and lay offs, it is all artificial and CEO made drama. Let me point out few basics and get out of here.
    Recessions are in cycles every 7 to 10 years.
    What happens to raw materials during recession? Prices go down!
    What happens to finished products? Prices stay high or go further high!
    WHO SUFFERS THE MOST, the poor low pay workers, smaller industries, smaller banks, smaller countries and other raw material producing people!
    So where is the equation? I see it definitely in favour of the industrialists and CEOs.
    Does that equation speak, in my mind it does.

  7. Guess I’ve been “censored” since I can’t post the comment I wanted… The Socialist paradise has arrived on this blog it would appear…

    But let’s just test and see if it’s a glitch.


    • Uh, dude. Chill.

      This is a *personal* blog. WordPress filters any comment rife with embedded URL’s and if they don’t go to spam, they at least need to be approved by the blog owner. (That’s me.) I’m a little offended by being labelled a “Socialist paradise”, even if I do live in Canada.

      I’m not exactly sitting here at my PC every minute waiting for comments to moderate. If a comment goes into moderation, it has to wait until I get to it.

      Everyone has played nice so far, for the most part, but I am getting ready to close comments on this post.

      Maybe Mike would be interested in setting up his own blog where he can debate commenters with an intermediary. What do you say Mike?

      • Rob,

        Mea Culpa.. I deserve that.. I was trying to submit that last post and it was coming back “discarded” (which had never happened previously), so I wasn’t sure if I’d been censored.. Hence the test post..

        So my sincere apologies for my error, as well as my attitude. I appreciate you’re permitting me to “vent”, as well as the diligence you show in approving posts..

        Btw, I post links because I’m a firm believer in attempting to document my opinions so others can’t accuse me of mere heated rhetoric.

        Mike is not the only one who has “been there”. And I’m not alone in my opinions.. We’re just not so vocal because we know we’re doing the right thing strategically, even if the tactical implementation is lacking or disarticulated.

        Unsavory as it might be in having to work with some of these corrupt Middle Eastern regimes, we simply can’t stand by and watch hundreds of millions of Muslim children indoctrinated and brainwashed into finding martyrdom by way of a chestful of explosives detonated in a marketplace.

        We either influence their lives and prepare a better future for them as best we can, or they will spend their days in the Madrassas preparing themselves to collect paradise (take many innocent lives along with them).

        We can no longer ignore what was made obvious by 9/11. We cannot condemn a generation of our children, and theirs, fighting to defeat their ambitions for global Jihad.

        Btw, I love Canada, as well as Canadians!!


  8. It was a glitch,


    That’s the best response you can provide?

    Maybe you should try comprehending that whether it’s capitalist or socialist ideology, it’s ALL ABOUT the POWER ELITE controlling the little guy.

    The ideology they follow is merely the vehicle of choice they utilize to achieve their personal quest for political and economic power.

    I suspect you’re not much different.

    Maybe you need to spend some time contemplating China’s policies in Africa:


  9. Con’t

    And the Islamo-Fascists are no different. They want the oil in the Persian Gulf TOO!! Ayman Al-Zawahiri has publicly stated as such.

    “”I call upon the mujahideen to focus their attacks on the stolen oil of the Muslims. Most of its revenue goes to the enemies of Islam, and most of what they leave is plundered by the thieves who rule our countries. This is the greatest theft in the history of humanity. The enemies of Islam are consuming this vital resource with unparalleled greed. We must stop this theft any way we can, in order to save this resource for the sake of the Muslim nation.
    “If the only way to repel these thieves is by killing them, they should be killed without honor.”

    Yeah.. right.. oil for the Muslim nations.. He just wants the profits to support his global Jihad so he can carry out what this Hamas politician, associate, has stated that they want to do:

    And this is what they are teaching their children:

    The nice thing about these Islamist militants that you seem so supportive of, is that they have no fear of publicly proclaiming their agenda for the world to see. They believe that nothing can stop them because it is “Allah’s Will”..

    But now they have to kill moderate, secular, and progressive Muslims to realize their agenda. And it’s a MAJOR “No-NO” for a Muslim to kill another Muslim.

    That’s why they are losing support throughout the Muslim world.

    So you don’t have to take my word for it… They’re happy to tell you.. You just need to listen. And that’s the beauty of the internet. They can’t hide behind the language gap anymore (thanks to MEMRI).

    What myopic and superficial intellects, like your own, fail to realize is that by defeating Militant Islam on their own “turf”, we’ve effectively demonstrated that Allah is NOT with them. Because true soldiers of Allah would never be defeated, nor would they kill fellow Muslims.

    I’d say that’s worth every penny we pay NOW if it prevents the sons and daughters ON BOTH SIDES from waging a global war years from now.

    Sorry you can’t be bothered with trying to create a better future for all of our children while you’re wallowing in your self-pity and delusions of a socialist utopia.


    • Ron, let us be honest to ourselves and the people who read the blog. Socialism is dead, capitalism is still exploiting but on the way to death, at least I hope BUT honesty, sincerity humane feelings might survive the Nuclear bombs of UNO members. The suicide bombers of IslamoFascists have been created by the capitalist society for their own benefit. The Islam they teach is totally extremist and unacceptible piece of inhuman melodrama. Those who do not know Islam, will get convinced, and those who make money by having bigger congregations [I should call them public looters i.e. Church and Priests] will exploit along with capitalist society, BUT those who know Islam, the real one, start hating the exploiters and public looters and bombers. Islam has taught multiple ways to deal with offenders, and teaches to be friends and respect the non-offenders. The voilence goes mostly as the retaliation to the offenders and their offence, but then puts limit on how much damage can be caused to the offender. IT HAS TO BE LESS OR AT THE MOST EQUAL TO THE DAMAGE CAUSED BY OFFENDER BUT AGAIN IF YOU CAN FORGIVE, IT IS BETTER. It tells very clearly in no uncertain terms that if the damage or retaliation is more than the one by offender, then God Almighty will punish the retaliting entity. There is no hypocricy of “TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK” Sleeping on the criminal is prohibited by saying that it makes you parteners of the offenders. Did you know that IslamoFascists were created by the capitalists, to destroy Russia and they did, job well done! They were taught ADULTRATED Islam by Colonial forces. They were given the false title of “Mojahid and Jehad” by non-Muslims, something unacceptible in Islam. While this title in real Islam is used when humanity avails the efforts. “Jehad” is struggle in the way of Almighty, teaching, obedience to Him only, being mindful of His creations, not just humanbeings, lower animals and plants count too. I am not trying to convince you Ron to become Muslim, but I would like to offer you the definition of Islam, as we learn and teach, and it is by none than, the brother of Mohammed PBUH, “Total obedience to God Almighty and being mindful of His creations” A non-Muslim is as much of His creation as is a Muslim, so is a plant and so is a lower animal. In real Islam, you cannot go even, hunting for the sake of fun. There is NO BLANKET KILLING OF THE SONS OF HAM.

      The beasts that have been created in an enmity to Russia, will cease to exist only when the crooked teachings disappear, but that is not in the interest of looters, as their congregations will fall, so will be their income. It is very easy to fall a prey to these crooks and crooked teaching. Ron honestly if Saddam was not brought to power by the capitalist society, if talban were not created and perpetuated, would we be in Iraq and Afghanistan pushing our culture and values. The brittish got us involved to avenge their defeats in both places. I tell you from American people that we might have not gone there at all, in spite of the fact, that capitalist society needed someone to bleed to nourish itself.


  10. Mike,thanks for repeating the dangers we are experiencing for not heeding Eisenhower’s warning about the military comples. No this will not end.Not even if you get a large number to follow the example of those few Israeli soldiers who refused to fight and were court marshalled. This century is not the century of the US or China or Russia.All these and their military industrial complexes are impediments.Whether over oil or other resources, they will precipitate World War III and bury “civilization” as we now know it and from the ashes will emerge a new and chastened
    psyche in what little, around 25 percent of our species is still left, and which,by witnessing the horrors of what our hands will have wrought will be obliged to swear off differences of creed,race, color or nationalism and wizened from their taste of the horrors inflicted upon humanity by those false gods, the species will slowly build a planetary society within the next century or two.So things are going to get much worse before they improve and that is the story of our species,”two steps forward and one backward”.
    He was not kidding when He said, “those who live by the sword shall perish by it”.Fools we are to have thought it can’t happen to a whole speices.

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