Posted by: Rob | December 12, 2009

December Potpourri

Blog writing has definitely been taking a back seat these days, although for no other reason than life is getting in the way.  I have been reading most of the blogs I subscribe to, even leaving a comment here and there as the mood strikes and I think of something I consider halfways worthwhile to say.

We’re currently living through a bitter cold snap and I honestly couldn’t say if it was seasonal or not.  Of course, there’s been all the hullabaloo about the e-mail and other electronic data leaked from the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University.  (Note to Glenn Beck:  That’s An-GLEE-Ah, not An-GEE-Lah you illiterate buffoon.)   Climate change skeptics have been all over these e-mails like flies on shit, saying “See! See!  We told you! We told you!  This global warming is all a hoax and lie, perpetrated to wreck our economies!”.   In rebuttal, global warming advocates are now claiming that melting polar ice is causing Polar bears to eat their young.  Of course, it’s a ridiculous notion as Polar bear males have been killing and eating their cubs for centuries.  Personally, I’ve decided that I don’t really care if there’s anthropogenic global warming happening or not.  All I know is that things are different today and bound to get even more different.  All I have to do is figure out how to not die as a result of it.  Hopefully, our cold snap will break soon and it will warm up enough so I can clear the snow and ice from the vehicle’s wheels so it will stop feeling like we’re riding in a lumber wagon.

There were some depressing results released from a survey of Canadians where, apparently, the majority would rather give up five or so years of their life span than give up watching television.  They’re also pretty attached to booze and red meat.  The root cause is, I guess, too much stress in their lives.  I don’t know, I don’t watch TV, don’t drink much and don’t eat red meat very often at all, and I have very little stress in my life.  Not saying there’s a correlation there, I’m just saying.

In an ironic twist, it seems that musicians have launched a law suit against the CRIA (Canadian Record Industry Association) over a little thing CRIA members have been doing in releasing “musical compilations” without compensating the artists for the music being released and sold.  The practice goes back to the ’80’s and, at $20,000 per infringement, the total dollar value sought is around $6 billion.  I hope the suit is successful.  Technological innovations have evolved to the point where the “recording companies” are really no longer needed and their parasitic ways of exploiting musical artists should come to an end.  It’s a new world out there, baby.  Better get with the program.

Canada’s finest, the RCMP, have been publicly chided for their rampant tasering ways in the aftermath of the incident where four mounties tasered Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski to death in the Vancouver airport in 2007.  I guess after getting away with tasering a 15-year old girl, who was handcuffed and laying face down, it was no biggie to taser a confused man who didn’t speak English to death.

I ran across a neat item on the blogs recently about the scientist and engineering types in Nazi Germany towards the end of WWII.  I always thought that the Luftwaffe’s last best weapon was the Me-262, a jet engine powered fighter plane, which would have run circles around anything the Allies had and would have made short work of Bomber Command’s aerial assault on the Fatherland.  But, it turns out there was a bomber under development that would have been nearly invisible to enemy radar.  The Horten 229 prototype,  a full scale model of which – sans engines – has been created, bears a striking resemblance to the Northrup Grumman B-2 developed by the Americans decades later.  I daresay this weapon, had the Nazi’s the time and resources to put it into service, would have caused much greater anxiety in Britain than that by the Blitz and the V-1 and V-2 rockets.  It also begs the question about where the Americans would be militarily were it not for the brilliant technical minds of the Germans.  After all, it was German scientists who provided the Americans with the atomic bomb, intercontinental ballistic missiles and the basis for today’s outer space program.

So, it’s probably evident by now that there is no shortage of topics to write or opine about.  It just seems that the discipline to actually sit down and write is lacking.  All I can say about that is that the time for resolutions is nearly upon us, once again.


  1. I never force the issue when it comes to blogging. Either the spirit moves you or it doesn’t. When I started blogging, I use to write because I thought if I let too much time pass between posts, I’d lose what little audience I had. And they sure read that way!

  2. hey rob buddy, thanks for the factets, esp about Canada!

  3. damn, such a panoply of information, it’s hard to comment on just one or two or seven.

    i’m with you on the ME-262…awesome. if Hitler hadn’t tried to force it to be a bomber instead of a fighter? could’ve made a difference. the B-2 look alike? i’m thinking someone time travelled… thieving bastard. [smirk]

  4. my blog time – reading and writing – is a fairly variable thing. i find i get more stressed out when my ‘reader’ is full, rather than feeling compelled to write… so i’ve actually spent much more time reading/commenting of late than writing.

    i enjoy your writing, and definitely enjoy your links to articles of interest… rational thought. critical thinking. looking for data. good stuff. hope you keep at it!

  5. It can all easily be explained as alien technology. The Germans got it from the aliens, and we got it from the aliens, with German refinements

  6. Bonjour, Monsieur Rob

    Tres interessant

    Und vot would have happened if Herr Hitler had delayed provoking the Outbreak of War until 1944, when :

    * the Germans would have built modern Aircraft Carriers to challenge the British Control of the North Sea and, with it, the Atlantic

    Happy New Year

    G Eagle

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