Posted by: Rob | November 30, 2009

November Round Up

I wrote a rather lengthy post here but WordPress appears to have trashed it.

Well, fuck it.


  1. wordpress dicked up my last post, requiring about 2 hours of troubleshooting before i could fix the display. yeah. fuck it…

  2. Well that most succinctly describes my current attitude toward things right now!

    (But I am sorry your work got lost.)

  3. actually, this being one of your more visceral posts makes it worth a reread… yep, still engaging and to the point.

    (and sorry the long post got deleted. been there. done that. computer not destroyed by dint of sheer will)

  4. @daisyfae : you’re way more geeky than I am. ’nuff said.

    @Alicia : thanks, there’s something in the air, isn’t there? I just hate it when technology screws me and wastes my time

    @gnukid : brevity is good, isn’t it? I’m too cheap to damage my hardware over something as trifling as a lost post.

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