Posted by: Rob | October 26, 2009

Beyond Belief

I have mostly resisted the tendency of our society toward mourning sickness.  My position is that I have enough trouble distributing my emotional reserves amongst my family and friends, so there is no way I’m going run on empty for the sake of people I don’t know, never met, never knew existed.

But the news out of Iraq in the wake of the worst attack since a series of suicide bombings against Shiite neighborhoods in April 2007 killed 183 has me totally disgusted and a bit angry.

These sickening suicide bombers have accomplished the same thing that Timothy McVeigh and his co-conspirators did when they murdered innocent children by bombing the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

From the New York Times:

There were conflicting reports of the deaths of children at the Justice Ministry’s day care center. A police official stationed at the Ministry of Justice, Hussein Issa, said 30 children had been killed, but other officials said the number was much smaller. Most were in the center’s playground, close to the street, when the bomb went off, knocking down protective blast walls.

“There were children killed in the swings, others who died right where they sat on the see-saws,” said Usay Ednan, a 33-year-old taxi driver who lives nearby and said he was among the first rescuers.

Can you imagine your child, at play in a playground, happy and obliviously having fun in one moment and then blown to bits in the next?

How can anyone, regardless of their political or religious fervour, consciously plan and execute the kind of wanton destruction that will assuredly bring death to innocent young children?  What kind of human does this?

And, further, what kind of people would aid and abet such monsters?  Offer food and shelter and concealment?  How could anyone harbouring such monsters look at themselves in the mirror and say, with a straight face, “I am doing the right thing”?

I listened to a young Pakistani man on CNN this morning, who had been grievously injured by a suicide bomber in Islamabad, talk about what he would like to see done about the Taliban terrorists.

“The police, the military, should kill them all.”

In Iraq, the people must come to a similar conclusion. 

Open letter to the people of Iraq:

If you want change, if you want this senseless violence and death to stop, then you must act.  Each and every one of you.  Don’t harbour these monsters.  Don’t protect them.  Don’t be intimidated by them.  Turn them out.  Turn them in.  If necessary, execute them.  Don’t wait for others to do it.  You must clean up your own community.

Think of the brutal murders of the young and innocent.  Think of your children.  You must act, and act now,  if you don’t want to have to bury your own children.


  1. there is no logic…. and yes, turning away is an act of support. they’ve got to own the murderers, and start ratting them out.

  2. i continue to shake my head at this, as i have been for all the years we’ve been there. someone is harboring these murderers. and that makes them just as bad. nothing is worth that kind of madness.

  3. There’s a great series in the New York Times right now written by a journalist who was held captive for an extended period of time. One of the things I got from it is that they — the Taliban and their ilk — are convinced beyond any doubt that they’re doing the right thing. They are an uneducated lot who are easily flummoxed by twisted religious nonsense.

  4. I agree with what “Unbearable” found. This type of extremism is beyond what rational people can comprehend. These people are positive that they are doing what is required to be faithful followers. Every religion has these extreme factions who contrive and twist the mainstream beliefs into something sick and demented. You are right, until the people and I am speaking of the majority of people in Iraq want change–they are going to have to “clean up” their own country. Very insightful piece.

  5. This is what’s wrong with believing in a just and compassionate God. Such an entity doesn’t exist and never has. What/whoever orders the universe is just an advanced version of us and probably in no hurry to reacquaint.

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