Posted by: Rob | October 24, 2009

Blog Update

I’m not all that big into “housecleaning” this blog, but I decided to freshen that dreary header photo up top.  The panorama photo above is of the harbour at Gibson’s, BC on the Sunshine Coast.  The photo(s) were taken on Boxing Day 2006 (Boxing Day is the day after Christmas Day if you don’t know) and it was just before brother-in-law Dan and I went for a kayak paddle along the coast.  It was a lovely time and there’s not much that’s more peaceful than being out on the water and under your own power.



  1. Wow! I LOVE your new header. That is an incredible photo.

  2. I love those photos. I think they were some of the first you shared with me when we “met”.

  3. gorgeous!

  4. beautiful… would’ve been very cool if you could’ve gotten a picture of you and BIL kayaking, too. but, still…beautiful

  5. That’s a beautiful image Rob

  6. Lovely new header, Rob. When you do housekeeping, you do it up right.

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