Posted by: Rob | October 13, 2009

Bad Drugs

A recurrent google news item this past weekend were reports of cocaine laced with levamisole which, apparently, is used to treat worm infections in animals.   According to the Edmonton Sun short, there have been something like 39 possible cases in Alberta.  By cases, I presume that 39 people have shown up needing medical services for one or more of the following symptoms that may be caused by ingestion (?) of levamisole:

It can cause chills, swollen glands, painful sores (both anal and oral), skin abscesses and lung infections.

Now, I ‘ve never tried cocaine and I’ve never really had the desire to do so, but you can be damned sure that the possibility of getting painful anal sores would certainly put me off of even experimenting once with the stuff.

I’ve heard stories before about illicit drugs that have been “cut” with something harmful or toxic and I’ve wondered at the practice.  From an economic perspective, of course.  I mean, if you’re a drug dealer, isn’t it in your best interest to keep your customers alive and well so they can continue to be a source of cash flow?  “Cutting” a batch of dope to pump up short term profits is certainly consistent with corporate America’s short term view of money now.  Since drug dealers tend to have somewhat artificially shortened life spans, I guess that maybe the practice of cutting your dope with Drano or levamisole isn’t so far outside the realm of pragmatic thought.

But then I thought about the United States’ “War on Drugs”.  You know, the “war” that’s been going on for decades now, with millions (billions?) of dollars spent and not much to show for it?  Why wouldn’t the US Drug “Czar” simply implement a plan to have CIA goons buy up a bunch of that primo cocaine from Columbia, then cut it with something like levamisole, and flood the market with it at a cheap price?

I’m guessing that once users starting coming down with painful anal sores or those other symptoms, they and others might start to think twice about recreational drug use.  Next thing you know, the “War on Drugs” would be won.  Mind you, that would crimp the profits of those benefiting from this “war” and chances are they wouldn’t be happy.



  1. from what i understand, the cheap stuff is cut for sale on the street – the ‘one time buyer from the ‘burbs’ is the target.

    i like this strategy. a lot. certainly the powers that be could find a drug with minimal life-threatening side effects that could be effective? perhaps an additive that makes you grow a horn in the middle of your forehead? something less private than anal sores…

  2. Have you ever met a serious drug addict? They won’t allow a little thing like anal sores to stop them. That only pertains to sane people like you and I.

    Yeah, it’s billions

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