Posted by: Rob | August 27, 2009

Land Grabbing

I was going through saved posts on bloglines (and I have literally hundreds, almost two thousand bookmarked) and I came across a brief post from that I missed from early July of this year.  The post only had a sentence and a couple of links.  I followed this link and read what can only be described as a horrifying article.

It seems that the developed world has not been content to simply abscond with the petro-resources of poor and underdeveloped nations.  Now, in a move that has been described as “land grabbing” or “neo-colonialism”, rich countries and rich corporations are going out and buying up or leasing arable land around the world.

According to the guardian article,

after the food crisis of 2008, many countries found that food imports hit their balance of payments, “so now they want to insure themselves.”

The most telling comment to me:

What we see now is that countries have lost trust in the international market.

And to top it off, there is speculation or suspicion that some of the crops to be grown on these lands will be for bio-fuel, although how much of it is not known, as crop type is not reported.

I can only shake my head in wonder at those – countries, financial companies, auto companies – who will do absolutely anything to sustain the unsustainable  way of Happy Motoring*.  Even invoke a scorched earth policy.  It’s disgusting, really.

* Term coined and used extensively by James Howard Kunstler on his blog, Clusterfuck Nation.



  1. Land grabbing: It’s what made America, America. Nothing new there. You got me all upset with this stuff. And it’s first thing in the morning.

  2. ouch. this hurts. that ‘off the grid’ bunker in idaho is lookin’ mighty fine…


  4. 2K bookmarked… dude, that’s alot of reading!!!

  5. A Good Point = what can we do about this

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