Posted by: Rob | August 11, 2009

Nightly Ritual

I lay on my side of the bed. The bed side light is on. I’m browsing my book.

She comes up the stairs and glides into the room, stopping by her side of the bed.

She pulls the tie from her hair allowing her golden auburn tresses to cascade over her shoulders. She puts her glasses on the night table. She turns to regard me with twinkling eyes and a slight smirk.

I watch as she unties her robe and it falls open. She shrugs it off in one motion, tossing it lightly to the foot of the bed.  Her skin is smooth and porcelain.

With a widening grin, she crawls onto the bed on all fours, stretching her body out languorously, slowly moving towards me. She relishes being under my gaze as I drink in her beauty.

She slides under the covers and moves her body up against mine.

I place my book on the floor and reach to turn out the light.


  1. you got a puppy? 😉

  2. oh, crap – just realized that might sound insulting. it’s just that the only creature that ever joins me at night is four legged and furry!

    nice evocative writing! i’m just a goof…

  3. Nightly ritual… whoa… this one made me a bit hot… lucky dude…

  4. […] have you read the awesomely written post my amazing husband wrote for […]

  5. I’m with Beaverboosh on this one. Crawling on all fours and stretching out…my nipples got hard.

  6. Very evocative. Nicely done. Ended much too soon. Or maybe not.

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