Posted by: Rob | August 7, 2009

Blog Awards, etc.

The dog days of August have set in, although the weather in our neck of the woods has taken a bit of an autumn-like turn.  I’ve been working on a couple of projects around the house and the rest of the time doing some lazy surfing.  I’ve hardly the energy or, it seems, the inclination to do much writing.  Probably for a variety of reasons I guess.

However, I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of a couple of blog awards recently.

First was a new award, created and presented by silverstar.

Thank you silverstar! I’m not sure that it’s truly warranted in my case, but I appreciate the acknowledgement none-the-less.

There wasn’t a stipulation attached to pass the award on and so I guess I’m not doing that. Which is good for me, since I don’t really know any worthy bloggers who weren’t already mentioned in silverstar’s post.

The second one was conferred upon me by the venerable curmudgeon himself, Ærchie of Ærchie’s Archive. The award is the Manly Blogger Guy Award.

This blog award comes with the following rules:

1. The blog receiving the award must demonstrate masculine qualities such as sloth, boorishness, urinary hesitancy, or flatulence. In the interest of equal opportunity, these criteria do not entirely exclude female nominees.

2. No blog which plays background music such as “Somewhere My Love” or “My Heart Will Go On” is eligible.

3. The award should be passed on to as many other blogs as possible, but watching televised sports or taking a nap should take precedence over passing out awards.

Thank you for the award Ærchie!

In the spirit of spreading this around the blogosphere, I hereby pass this award to some of my favourite manly blogs: The Unbearable Banishment, Beaverboosh or A Canadian in Norway, Uncle Keith of A Riot is an Ugly Thing, and the gnukid of The Wilds of Ohio. Congratulations gentlemen!

UPDATE:  Evidently, I was too lazy remiss in looking up and providing a link to the creator of the Manly Blog Award.  That oversight has now been corrected.  Thanks for stopping by David.



  1. How very manly of you to pass this along! Tons of thanks. Recently, I accidentally deleted all the awards I’ve been given so I can begin rebuilding with this. Does it come with a cash reward? No?

  2. Congratulations, and thanks for passing along the MBGA. To learn more of its humble origins, click on my name above.

    David C., originator of the Manly Blogger Guy Award.

  3. Mine’s cuter.

  4. Silverstar,
    I’ll give you that, but mine reeks of cheap aftershave.

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