Posted by: Rob | August 6, 2009

Everything Dies is Song Lyric Thursday

I guess I’ve always kind of believed the philosophy of “Everything happens for a reason.”  That nod to the whatever-it-is that is all of us or is greater than us and loosely directs the circumstances and events of our lives.  And, I suppose, allows us to exercise our “free will.”

My blog has a relatively modest number of regular readers, although I guess I’ve been at it long enough now that plugging certain words or phrases into a search engine will credit me with random view statistics.  I always look at the referring links to see where my potential readers are coming from in the wilds of the internet.  More often than not, the referring links are from blog readers or even internet e-mail accounts.  Most other referring links are typically from someone else’s blogroll.

But, now and then, I get a referral from an unfamiliar source.  Recently, this happened, as I learned, as a result of my posting this meme.  Curious, I followed the link back and read over the linker’s meme.  The linker used song titles from the band “Type O Negative” and included, as I did, a youtube link to a video of one their tunes.

I’d never heard of this band before.  I looked around the band’s website and read up on their wikipedia page.  I downloaded a few of their tunes in mp4 format from their website and gave them a listen.

It occurred to me, as I fell into the melancholy melody of this song, that it was apropos to “find” this in what is now the final count down of days to the 3 year remembrance of my late wife’s death.  These lyrics speak for themselves.  I’ve attached a youtube video of the song after the lyrics.

9. Everything Dies

Well I loved my aunt
But she died
And my uncle Lou
Then he died

I’m searching for something which can’t be found
But I’m hoping
I still dream of dad
Though he died

Everything dies
Everything dies

My ma’s so sick she might die
Though my girl’s quite fit she will die

Still looking for someone who was around
Barely coping
Now I hate myself
Wish I’d die

Everything dies
Everything dies
Everything dies

(No why)
Oh god I miss you
(No why)
Oh god I miss you
I really miss you

(no no no no)

Everything dies
Everything dies
Everything dies


  1. Tis not for me, laddie. It’s true, of course, but I fear I am well cognizant of it without being reminded.

  2. it’s dark, but you can’t argue with the logic. for me the darkness in the video is that the living aren’t depicted as particularly lively. if that’s life? i might be looking forward to a snooze in the big red tub, too…

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