Posted by: Rob | August 4, 2009


The good wife recently returned to a good idea she’s previously suggested to me.

“We should do a cleanse this weekend.”

“Uh……….okay.” I replied.

“We could do a juice fast, but I found this really simple salt water cleanse and I read up on it on the internet.”


“All you do is drink a litre of salt water first thing in the morning and after about an hour, you should be cleansed.”

“That’s it?”


“Alright, then.  We’ll give it a go.”

Warm salt water is a disgusting thing to drink.  Especially a whole litre of it which, apparently, you are supposed to essentially chug.

This video clip*, by comedian Billy Connolly, pretty accurately describes what happens next, sans the chemicals, of course:

The wife says, “We should do this everyday for a week for the full effect.”

“Say WHAT?!?”

* Tip o’ the hat to azahar for this clip.  She posted it on silverstar’s blog.


  1. People are going to wonder why you married me.

    • And sometimes we wonder why you married him.

  2. You guys had better be careful! I don’t know if you should take healthcare tips from the internet! Isn’t saltwater bad for you?

  3. You said you wanted to be an astronaut… guess massive colon blow is one way to launch!

  4. I think about once every five years is enough. Once a week? Excessive.

  5. Yeah, isn’t salt water supposed to give you teh dehydration and teh crazy?

  6. My favourite line from the video – “it doesn’t even touch the sides!” 🙂

    So true. Also good advice about putting the toilet paper in the fridge.

    “We should do this everyday for a week for the full effect.”

    Which effect would that be? Exactly?

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