Posted by: Rob | July 12, 2009

Ten Big Duh’s

Somewhere along the way I signed up to receive e-mail updates from Natural News.  I used an e-mail addy that I rarely check, because I’m not all that fond of spam.

I happened to be perusing said e-mail today and came upon a link to an interesting list.  It goes without saying, perhaps, that Natural News would be anti many of the aspects of our modern life.  Most of these I’ve heard before and most I agree with.  Here’s a couple of thought provoking ones:

Big Duh #3 – Modern society is not sustainable
Let’s stop kidding ourselves on this one. The structure of modern urban living is simply not sustainable. From the importation of food, the dwindling supplies of water, the dependence on oil, the depletion of natural resources and the destruction of nature, human cities flat out cannot continue for very much longer as currently configured. We must either radically reduce our eco-footprint (and learn to live more locally) or we will not live much longer at current population levels. It’s as simple as that.

Another glaring issue with modern society is the population problem. We keep creating more people who consume more resources and ultimately destroy more of our natural environment. It’s time we realized we are in a population bubble that will soon burst, resulting in a sharp reduction in population in one way or another (a pandemic, crop failures, etc.).

Big Duh #10 – Humankind has learned nothing from the “advancement” of technology
Computers, combustion engines, nanotechnology and biochemistry… Compared to a hundred years ago, we seem smarter now because we have more gadgets. But in reality we’ve learned nothing from all this technology. Instead of ending all wars, we just fight them with more advanced weaponry. Instead of seeking real happiness, we just seek more high-tech stuff that fills our empty lives with convenient distractions. Instead of prioritizing quality of life, we focus on medicalizing people’s lives so that they become dependent on biochemical technologies instead of independently free and healthy based on natural medicine.

As a whole, the human population is no safer today than it was a hundred years ago, nor is it happier, wiser or more resourceful. If anything, technology has allowed us to be more wasteful, exploitive and isolated from the world in which we live.

Technology has given us no answers, but it has allowed us the leverage to create far larger problems that we have yet to resolve.

You can check out the entire list here. (You may have to register to view the entire list.)



  1. Wow. That’s a lot to think about. Guess I need to get off the computer for awhile, eh?

  2. “…we just seek more high-tech stuff that fills our empty lives with convenient distractions”

    they say that like it’s a bad thing… hmmm…

  3. I think we may have been better off when we weren’t so isolated from each other. I have a community, but it consists mostly of folks I’ve met on the electrons. Totally agree about the medicalizing of life, rather than the quality. However, not ready to give up my power wheelchair and GPS.

  4. What a bunch of malcontents. The neighborhood I use to live in, the Lower East Side of Manhattan, is full of ‘em. The problem is that they’re NEVER happy and always spoiling for a fight. They derive very little joy from solving a problem because that means there’s one less cause to champion.

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