Posted by: Rob | June 24, 2009

Ask the Blogger – Answers Part Three

Today is the third instalment of my answers in response to “Ask the Blogger”.

Today’s question was asked by Stella: Did you ever have a premonition about any major events that have happened in your life? (Good or bad.)

My sensitivity to the aspects of our world that are outside of the five senses is not overly well developed but it is not absent either.

I have had the “sense” of being under the protection of something like a “guardian angel” for most of my life. It’s the only way I can rationalize the fact that there have been several instances where I have not died but probably should have. In most cases, had I died or been killed, the cause of death would have been “death by misadventure”. I will not elaborate further, however.

I often experience the sense of déjà vu. Generally, some mundane experience in a dream will occur days, weeks or months later in reality. Oddly, not that long ago, and for a completely different reason, I was looking at the wikipedia entry on déjà vu and I found that I do not agree with the purported assessments of the phenomenon as being recalled memories. I am certain that my experiences were such that situations, places and dialog were revealed to me in dreams in advance of their occurring in meat-space.

Annie and I have both written about the paranormal experiences we have had, in particular, in the house which we now currently call home. And, although I have been having these experiences since moving in to this house in 1996, these types of experiences, both here and elsewhere, have increased in frequency since my first wife, Shelley, died. (And, yes, she was at home here when she died.)

Now, none of these experiences could be deemed as premonitions, I don’t think, according to the wikipedia definition. My déjà vu experiences would come closest to the definition, but none of those have ever been about any major events, either good or bad. So, I must conclude that no, I have never experienced a premonition about a major event.

Minor events? I’m not sure. There was this one time…..

It was the summer of 1993. We were travelling from our then home in Caney, KS out to Beaver Creek, CO to spend a week in a timeshare exchange with my sister-in-law, DB, and her family. In trying to see as much country as possible during our sojourn in the USA, we decided to swing by Dodge City, KS before heading up to I-70 and turn west for Denver and points west.

We were driving our virtually new ’93 Chev Astro. It was loaded up with camping gear, coolers of food and all of our luggage. We arrived in Dodge City late in the afternoon. It was a great disappointment. The city is surrounded by cattle feed lots and the smell on a hot August afternoon was overpowering to say the least. We missed the Dodge City Front Street exhibit, the whole reason for stopping by, and were only able to peer through the gaps between the fence boards. Highly unsatisfying.

We “got out of Dodge” heading north on hwy 283. Relying on the Rand McNally road atlas, we planned to camp for the night at Hodgeman State Lake and Wildlife Area. We got to Jetmore and, not seeing any signs, asked for some directions while gassing up the van.

“Why do you want to go there?” I was asked. “The lake’s all dried up.”

I must have looked stricken, as dusk was coming on soon and we needed a place to stay. I explained that were looking for a place to camp for the night.

“Well, why don’t you try our new campground at Jetmore City Lake?”

I got the directions and, after paying for the gas, we headed for Jetmore City Lake. It was three miles west and a mile south of Jetmore. And it was easy to find. Leaving hwy 156, the road was immediately gravel. The last ½ mile was a fairly new road and looked to be a clay base and nothing else. There was a slight grade up and, after topping out on a low hill, a slight grade down to the campground entrance.

Topping the low rise, I uttered what turned out to be a prophetic statement:

“If it rains while we’re in here, we’re screwed.”

I stopped at the entry and filled out the registration card, placed my $7 in the envelope and deposited it into the lockbox.

I should have looked at the campground first. It was brand new. And it was built on the bald prairie. The lake was nothing more than a slough, a wide spot in the river, really. I laughed when I saw the billboard with the directions for boater’s entreating them to travel in a clockwise circle pattern only.

We had supper and settled in to our tent for the night. Just as the rain started.

It rained all night long. I hardly slept because the wind kept changing direction and I was nervous about rotating storms. This being western Kansas, and all.

At 5 am, the water breached the tent floor running over the floor and under our bedding. That was enough for me. We all got up, dressed and then proceeded to load our sopping gear into the van in a steady rain.

We were ready to go by 7 am. The rain stopped. So far, so good. We ambled the ½ mile or so to the campground entry and I stopped the vehicle to survey the stretch of clay road that lay ahead.

I backed up a bit to get a run at it. I took a deep breath. Foot off the brake and onto the gas. Ten miles per hour. Fifteen. Twenty. We left the gravel and hit the clay and…….the van slewed sideways. We were upright and still on the road. But, stuck.

I could get the van to rock and move slightly backwards and forwards. I found we could make gradual progress up the hill. It took 5 hours to gain the top of that low rise a quarter mile away.

Reaching the top (finally), the van straightened. I pointed it downhill and within a couple of minutes we were back on the hardtop and away.

So, I guess we weren’t totally screwed, after all.


  1. You can write, Mister! 🙂

    Thanks for the answer. And, since I will probably be very occupied with a wedding rehearsal tomorrow, happy anniversary to you and Annie!

    • Aw, shucks! Thanks Stella.

      And a happy anniversary to you and Arthur as well. Sounds like you’re having a blast in Michigan!

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