Posted by: Rob | June 12, 2009

A Three’s Update

I recently wrote about the recent trials and tribulations of MK.  Here’s an update:

1) Bunny (I forget its name) is now ensconced at MK’s big sister’s place, away from the “crap” and the, well, literal crap.

2) Clean up from the plumbing back up disaster (caused by tree roots and tampons….what a combination!) is ongoing and, sadly, some personal treasures are permanently soiled and lost.

3) She has wheels again.  Dad (me) spent a couple of evenings changing out the starter (it turned out not to be the neutral safety switch, of which it has a new one now, just in case) and, as of last evening, the Neon is moving around under its own power again.

4) There are a couple of options for  a new place in play.  She’ll have to decide fairly soon.

5) Überlord continues to be a dick, making the remaining days of June awkward.  The spineless asshole won’t talk to her, won’t even at look at her.  (Because her “disrepect” of him has rendered their friendship “null and void”.  What a loser.)

She seemed much happier when I saw her last night and, of course, pleased as punch to have her car back in working order.

Here’s looking to happier days ahead.



  1. 2. sounds positively horrifying. The rest not that great either, but at least starting to move in the right direction. And like girls the world over, where would we be without dear old dad? I’m 33, 34 in just a couple of weeks, and believe me, when things go pear shaped, my dad is the first place I go.

    • I can’t say as I ever had to personally experience a sewer back up to the point where I was wading in it. And I’m not sorry I’ve missed it. It seems to be one of those experiences that, hopefully, will prod the kid onward and upward with her life.

      You know, my dad was never any help to my sisters. Not that he wasn’t willing. He just wasn’t any good at most of these things.

  2. #5 struck me as the most tiresome of the lot. I wonder why…

    • It’s exhausting managing others who can’t seem to manage themselves. At least that’s my take on it. I’ve only ever really met the guy once or twice and I didn’t have enough time to judge him. But, Ann tagged him right away for what he is and Edie (big sister) despises him. In this case, clearly, women have been a better judge of character.

  3. Glad some things are looking up over there. Yeah, my dad fixed my car until I learned not to let him because I also ended up paying for extra parts. After that I always made the mechanics fix the simplest, cheapest thing, and that was usually all it needed.

    • Thanks silverstar. Odd, but she’s buying an extra part on this one due to a slight mis-diagnosis as well. Good thing it was only about $11. I do fantasize about the day when she can afford to take car of these things herself. But I did log a lot of hours on her sister’s old beater over the years and I don’t want to give her a reason to complain to her sister that “Dad always loved you best!”

  4. i suspect that someday you’ll miss this when you’re not leaned on during such a continuous crisis run… ok. maybe not…

    • Yeah, heavy on the *NOT*. I gave her her Mom’s car (a ’99 Plymouth Breeze), which she drove until she got in a fender bender and it was written off. But all the time we had that car I refused to work on it. Spent a lot of money on it, but I was not put into a position of having to utter curse words at it one single time.

  5. oh starters are not easy to change. Thank god I have my brother for all auto repairs.
    Uberlord sounds gay and is trying to capture some manhood.
    Glad things are looking up.

    • Thanks for stopping by and welcome! I remember changing starters on older (’70’s vintage) Chevy trucks. It was a piece of cake. The Neon wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t built for a person only half my size to work on. Fortunately, the scratches and scrapes are healing now (and I had hand cleaner to remove the grime).

      Things are looking up.

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