Posted by: Rob | June 9, 2009

The Scourge of Three

My younger daughter, known in blogworld as MK, has been having a tough time of it lately.

A few weeks ago she found a wild baby rabbit in the gutter of the street in front of the house where she lives in the city.  She rescued the little thing and decided to make a pet of it.  She bought a fancy hutch, got all the things a rabbit might need, but then, sadly, the poor thing died on her.  She was more than a little heart-broken as she had become attached in a very short time.

Then she heard that the SPCA had a hundred or so bunnies available for adoption.  Deciding to put her newly acquired rabbit things to good use, she decided to go and adopt one.  As she was about to leave the SPCA, she found that her car had died.  No response, nothing when she turned the key.  Another fellow there offered to try boosting her car, but to no avail.

“I’m kind of a car guy,” he said.  “When there’s no click or no other sound, it usually means the starter is shot.”

She had the car towed back to her place to the tune of $110.

The new rabbit was barely settled in when the next issue cropped up.  Her roommate, who is essentially the landlord also, as he is the primary tenant and picks and chooses who else has the honour of living there, took umbrage with MK’s new addition.

“It’s cruel to keep animals in a cage!” he growled.*

MK rebutted each and every one of his arguments against the rabbit in logical fashion.  But he was having none of it.

“You can’t even take care of yourself, let alone an animal!  You’re just a waste of skin!  You have to be out of here by the end of the month!”

She called me after that and left me a message at work.  She didn’t mention the eviction part until we talked later, but I could tell from her message asking me to help with the car that she was upset.

She’s taken some time to think and to plan.  She’s already located an apartment to move to (where, evidently, the rabbit is welcome too) and I imagine I’ll be helping her move at the end of the month.

I picked up a Haynes covering the years in which her ’98 Neon falls and I think I have a good idea what the problem is** and it shouldn’t cost much to fix, other than my time.  I should have it fixed in a day or so.

But, that’s only two things, you say?  What about the third?

I got up this morning to the following e-mail from MK (which she sent last night):

Had a slight plumbing problem and everything I own is covered in sewage.  I’m going to be up all night cleaning and washing.


Poor kid.  She needs a(nother) break.

* This from a guy who refuses to get his cats fixed and lets them breed pretty much at will.

** These newer cars are so full of switches and gagdets and sensors and relays and computers, it’s a far cry from the cars and trucks I worked on as a teen.



  1. ack. bad run of luck for the poor kid… a poor kid with a great heart. and bad plumbing, apparently…

    i loved my 72 pinto. i could pull it apart and make it work. anything after that? required a checkbook…

    • Pinto? Glad to see you survived it. Those things were death traps when ever they were rear ended.

      One of my first plastic model kits as a kid was of a Pinto. It was “customized” and the decals labelled it a “Poison Pinto”. I remember painting it what turned out to be a really puke shade of green.

      What colour was yours?

  2. Poor kid…

    • I’m telling her to look on it as a “growth experience”. Not sure that she’s buying, though.

  3. Aw geez.
    Here’s hoping for a ray of sunshine.

    • Thanks. She needs all the sunshine she can get!

  4. Her overlord is such a meangirl. Side-effect when beta males try to convince the world they are natural alphas.

    • You have his number sweetie.

  5. That’s sucky. Funny how these things happen in three’s. Hope her luck turns.

    • Thanks. We hope so too.

  6. Poor thing..Hope all gets better soon.

    • Thanks! Me too.

  7. She’s better off out of there anyway, with a crappy landlord, and crap all over. It’s hard right now, but I think it’s the start of better things to come. And if you have expensive rabbit hutches, you ought to have a rabbit. I wouldn’t let it run loose when I wasn’t home, even if it was box trained. They tend to eat things like drapes and electrical cords.

    • I agree. Wholeheartedly. And I’m not fully up to speed on what Morrissey’s (that’s his name) freedoms are when she’s at home.

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