Posted by: Rob | April 27, 2009

Dedicated to Uncle Keith

Uncle Keith had a dream. No, not that kind of dream. An apocalyptic dream that the world would end.  Today.

Even though the start of a potential world pandemic of swine flu kicked off over this past weekend, I awoke today glad that I had hedged and actually did the prep for the meetings I have at work today.

I guess that a few women’s (annie, daisyfae, Miss P) vacation plans have trumped Uncle Keith’s vision. At least a little bit.

Nonetheless, I’m dedicating this rather famous tune by REM to our own Uncle Keith in tribute to his fearlessness in warning us – in advance – of his apocalyptic vision!


  1. damn, damn, damn… buy stock in Gillette razor blades. gotta start shaving again…

  2. […] Add all this on top of economic near collapse, impending food shortages and general world-wide instability and we should all be breaking into rounds of REM’s classic ode to the end of days. […]

  3. Man, that whole “end of the world” thing is the oldest scam in the book! Didn’t L. Ron Hubbard start a wacky religion based on that? Or the Catholics? I can’t remember.

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