Posted by: Rob | April 8, 2009

Max Keiser’s Latest Idea

I found out about Max Keiser while avidly following The Zoo during the 2008 US Presidential campaign and I started following one of his blogs – Max Keiser Radio*.  I find it interesting to listen to Max because he has such an unabashed take on current events relating to the worldwide “economic meltdown” that had its start in the USA.  It is also interesting to note that, counter to the many talking heads proclaiming “no one saw this coming”, Max was predicting this financial crisis more than a year in advance of its occurrence.

Max has a pretty good page going on Wikipedia if you want to know more background information.

Max, and partner Stacy Herbert, are consolidating their web presence at and the following are from a recent couple of posts there outlining Max’s pitch of his latest website

Without access to the ideas, art and culture currently locked up on corporate balance sheets thanks to the draconian DMCA laws put in place by President Clinton, progress is restricted.

I love this visual, well the caption, actually.  The last line is absolutely priceless.

Here’s a youtube clip with the audio of Max’s piratemyfilm pitch, recorded during a radio interview.

I’ve long maintained that the way to force a change in corporate behaviour is to stop – en masse – the sheep like tendency to swallow – and buy – everything the marketers put out there.  That includes, actually, things like motor fuel too.

So, stop buying copyrighted material.  Create your own content.  Shut off your TV.  Shut off your game console.  Get up off the couch.  Go for a walk in the sun.  Write a poem.  Write a song.  Write a story.  Share what you’ve done with others.  I believe that you will feel much more fulfilled for doing so.

* This blog has since been re-directed to


  1. until i can make my own scotch, beer and/or chocolate, i shall remain a consumer of some sort… but supporting more local artists ( as i decorate my condo, buying more indie music direct from the band? oh, yeah… love it!

    • Mmmmmmmm. Beer.

  2. Power to the people, baby!

    • “Set my people free! Joe Cartoon! Joe Cartoon!” ….ummm…….errrrr……nevermind.

  3. People have forgotten that in the days of Tin Pan Alley, you could buy the sheet music for a new song almost immediately. In the folk music era, folk singers were very generous with each other and their work. There are too many people hooked into ipods, and not enough people gathering around the piano, singing. Don’t be shy, most “singers” these days can’t sing either. Hey, who knows, we might even have more community if we got together.

    • I’ve heard those stories of songwriters selling their songs for like $50 back in the day. Rights and all.

      I’ve also heard those stories of kitchen sing alongs or gatherings ’round the ol’ pianny. I think you’re right. It would bring back some community if folks did that again. Instead of each person just plugging in to their individual i-Pod.

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