Posted by: Rob | April 7, 2009

The Sweet Smell of Spring

The forecast is for several sunny days.

The temperatures are reaching into the double digits (Celsius, of course!) and by the end of the week, the lows will remain above freezing.

The snow is melting fast now and the puddles are achieving gargantuan proportions everywhere.

The roads are sprouting new potholes daily.

And all around the yard is the dank odour of cat urine.

Yes, spring is here.


  1. It’s getting like that here in New Jersey as well. Just when I’m about to snap from the cold weather, it changes.

  2. there was snow in ohio as i was leaving – just flurries, but we typically get one more blast of cold in april. suspect you’ll get yours as well! but then? May!

  3. haha, cat urine a doggy pooh! We are on the last legs of skiing here! BB Followup though you might enjoy!

  4. No fair, all your cold is coming over here, take it back, we not be wanting it this year 😦

  5. I love the smell of cat piss in the morning.

    • I don’t. Especially in my front porch or my garage. I’m getting an airgun.

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