Posted by: Rob | March 31, 2009

Heading Home

Gentle readers,

You might have noticed I’ve been away.  If you also read annie’s blog, then you’re pretty much up to speed.  If not, you can catch up on the past weekend’s happening’s here, here and here.  This also explains why I’ve not been by your blog lately to comment as well.

But, today we pack up and say farewell to my mom and Penticton, BC and head for home.

I’ve re-thought the marathon single day drive idea (1,000 kilometres, 12 hours) and we’ve decided to break the trip up into two days.  Today, we’ll be going as far as Jasper, Alberta, via Merritt and Kamloops courtesy of highway 97C and the Coquihalla.

We may encounter some snow as most of the route is high mountain road but the Avalanche is pretty sure footed, so I’m sure we’ll be okay.

Tomorrow we’ll make the last 4 hours or so to home, and then get back to “normal”.


  1. Normal? What’s that? have a safe trip home xx

    • Ah yes. Normal. A thing that is continually being redefined. When I wrote this, however, “normal” was essentially sleeping in my own bed again, without having to listen to strange, loud noises.

      • I hate being away from home too. There’s nothing like my own bed, and being able to open a wardrobe and not a suitcase.

  2. we ruined a perfectly good 2 week camping expedition in the Atlantic Provinces by driving from the tip of Nova Scotia to home in just 2 days – about 1700 miles. i wanted a ‘decompression stop’ in Maine, but my (now ex) husband wanted to get home.

    i was not only crabby, but we all smelled bad. safe travels to you…

    • That sounds familiar. I can recall, on more than one occasion, using up all the vacation time at the vacation spot and then having to drive like hell to get back home to get back to work. However, 1700 miles in 2 days must be some kind of record. A crew of us Canucks stuck in Houston, TX on 9/11 took 2 1/2 days to drive home before the planes started flying again. 2250 miles, but we had two overnight stops.

      That smelling bad thing? Not good.

  3. Unfortunately, the Sassy Miss P used my comment. See you soon. And don’t get the Avalanche caught in an avalanche.

    • Weather was good. Avoided all the avalanche’s with the Avalanche.

  4. Dude, safe journey, I am exhausted just reading about your road trip… though one of my favy parts of the world for skiing and scenery!

    • Thanks! Scenery is definitely up there in terms of the best in North America. Although I do find myself getting a bit blase about it at times. (Shame on me, taking it for granted, eh?)

  5. Normal. Mmmm. Yes. One day I’ll work out what that is.

    • Welcome to my humble blog, Dolce!
      Watch out, though, just when you get normal worked out, it’s definition will change…

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