Posted by: Rob | March 21, 2009

Blog finds on the internet (will this get me banned in Australia?)

Have you ever visited a blog site where the blogger has (or bloggers have) literally hundreds of commenters leaving comments?  You know you’ve achieved this pinnacle of success in the blogosphere when you have random commenters leaving the first comment which says only “First” or sometimes “FIRST!” or sometimes “OMG! FIRST!”

My immediate thought about the kind of troglodyte who has nothing more to offer a post, which likely took some time to craft, than “FIRST!” is “What an asshole.”

The regular commenters at one of my favourite sites,, have well refined ways of harpooning, lampooning or otherwise mercilessly annhilating these dipshits although, in most cases I suspect, the idiots are too dimwitted to suspect that others are having a mighty laugh at their expense.

I read more for the witty repartée that occurs on each post, than for the posted photos or videos themselves but, sometimes there are some that make me laugh out loud, snicker or just say wtf?

Here is a recent photo that appeared on failblog under the heading “WTF Extra – Sledding Fail”.


see more pwn and owned pictures

I visited the link to where I found, in the comments, a link to video taken at the same event as the above photo.

I chuckled a bit when I heard the locale given as Braunlage, in Germany, as I have been there.  I wonder if I met any of these zany people during that weekend back in 2000?

I don’t think I’ll ever know.


  1. OMG! First!

  2. You knew that was going to happen, didn’t you? :mrgreen:

  3. I am so glad it’s not me on that sled. I have no wish to freeze my nipples. And yes, keep it up and you will get banned in Australia. So will I for my alternative religious views. I think you will be in very good company.

  4. i think the racing stripes/warpaint are kind of sporty…

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