Posted by: Rob | March 7, 2009

Bad behaviour on the Internet

This time it was mine.  I exhibited zero self-restraint and I ranted on another’s blog.  Again.  It was bad.  I used profanity.  Vulgar profanity.

The blogger was not really the target of my rant.  The blogger had linked to another blog (of sorts) where an opinion was posted to the effect that US President Obama had effectively raised taxes.  Because his administration let the Bush tax cuts expire.  Not that Obama or his administration could have done anything about it.  The House and Senate would be the ones to pass whatever bill would have been needed to extend the Bush tax cuts.

The commenters on the linked blog set me off.  Rather than leave an acid comment on an obvious pro-“conservative/republican/anti-Obama/anti-anything good and decent” blog amongst a bunch of – in my opinion – intellectually stunted twits”, I let loose on the linking blogger’s blog.

I immediately felt bad about it but didn’t attempt to recant.

My comments became fodder for the blogger’s following day’s post in which my “nastiness”, “vulgarity” and “ante-upping on class warfare” was highlighted.  This was after the blogger responded – in kind – to my bad form rant.  On the follow up post I left a comment apologizing for my outburst the previous day.

I have not gone back to see what the response to my apology is.  Nor will I.

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.  The blogger in question and I agree on a few things but disagree on so many more.  So to avoid further outbursts on my part I shall no longer visit that particular blog.  It’s been removed from my blog reader and I shall endeavour to flush the URL from my memory.  That is one reason why there are no link backs in this post.

I do this only for me.

* See?  With an attitude like mine, you can pretty well see why I could never run for elected office.


  1. I’ve always preferred vulgar profanity to polite profanity.

  2. How can you NOT go back and see what was posted after your mea culpa? I couldn’t resist.

    There’s no button to push quite as sensitive as the political button. Well…perhaps religion.

  3. Oh, I looked. Didn’t know you weren’t going to.

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