Posted by: Rob | March 6, 2009

Shining a light on cockroaches

It would seem that the Rick Santelli’s leadership great Tea Bag Party of 2009 has come to a swift and abrupt conclusion. From Mark Ames and Yasha Levine at

Our article last Friday exposing the familiar old rightwing corporate machine behind the fake “tea party” protests, and Rick Santelli’s highly questionable role as the one-man MC for the protests’ launch event, wound up crashing the tea party’s mojo, and forcing Santelli to issue a giant apologia on CNBC’s site. It’s titled “I Want To Set The Record Straight,” but it should be called, “I want to keep my shitty second-fiddle job and not get thrown out of my 2,500 square foot house.” You can hear Rick’s pain as the spiked CNBC legal department butt-plug is shoved deeper and deeper in, paragraph after paragraph… especially this one line that will have Santelli sleeping on his stomach for months, where he bleats: “I hope that the President and the final stimulus plan succeed.” Thank you sir, may I have another!

Santelli is not all that contrite as he “sets the record straight“:

If one doesn’t agree with my opinions….I can respect that. It is very American to disagree. It is very UN-American to belittle or ignore the FACTS, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, or the voices of millions of Americans that demand better answers, more transparency, deeper accountability, and the simple idea that our elected officials represent all Americans. All Americans should be treated fairly and equitably as our government puts forth solutions. Mr. Gibbs, the President’s Press Secretary, said I did not read the Presidents Mortgage Plan; for the record, I did read the plan and listened to it live as President Obama was presenting it. Anyone who knows me or views CNBC regularly is keenly aware of the fact that I am exceedingly thorough in my homework.

My immediate goal is to go back to my day job as an on air editor on CNBC and a writer for I will continue to be passionate about what I do and I will always try to spark debate on critical economic and financial issues.

Just imagine what could be if all things business and government were done with true transparency.  In the days before internet communication, dirty tricks like “astro turfing” would have gone undetected.

However, the real irony in this case is that the very thing Santelli’s tea party movement was supposed to protest and stop – the rewarding of bad behaviour through bad mortgage bailout – is a just cause.  The problem is that the right wing’s dirty tricks squad has so often further lies and half-truths that, when turned to a purpose good and true, no one will buy it once the dirty tricks come to light.

And so it goes.


  1. Here’s the really sad thing: I’ve stopped listening. I don’t pay attention to this sort of thing anymore. I use to be an engaged individual but I just can’t stand it anymore so I have become another detached idiot.

  2. trust no one. i’m with unbearable on this one… i stopped paying attention. these silly manipulative tricks on both sides of the arguments just drive thinking people back to the library…

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