Posted by: Rob | March 3, 2009

If you’re reading this…

…then we were all spared a direct hit from an asteroid.

Slashdot reports:

…a small near-earth object, discovered just 2 days ago, that is expected to pass within 64,000 km of our planet on March 2, 13:44 UT. NEO 2009 DD45 will be well inside the Moon’s orbit and just under twice the altitude of geosynchronous satellites.

According to linked article on

Thankfully, the news media have become less sensationalistic when it comes to these asteroidal close calls — especially since one actually struck our planet last October 7th, at night, and the impact went virtually unnoticed.

Good grief!  Two days notice?  With all this “high-tech” gadgetry we humans have invented?  Two days!?!?!

When it does come, we’ll never know what hit us.


  1. I’m betting that when one finally DOES hit, we’ll all be at our keyboards. My last act in this life could very well be hitting the Submit Comment button.

  2. “When it does come, we’ll never know what hit us”–perhaps it will be better that way?

  3. A bit like old age, then?

  4. two days notice? i think that’s just what was reported… suspect “they” have been watching it for awhile, but like that lovely scene from “Men in Black” – why tell everyone? there isn’t anything they could do about it anyway!

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