Posted by: Rob | March 1, 2009

The Unknown Blogger needs…

Found this on the blog of the Ultra Fabulous Miss P.

Google your name and the word “needs” in quotes (”The Unknown Blogger needs”) and see what results come up. The results will be highlighted in the little paragraph contained below each result. List the first 20 and then tag* 20 or more of your friends.

The Unknown Blogger

1. …needs a good address list.

2. …needs PR help.

3. …needs help getting his face out there.

4. …needs strategies.

5. …needs to replenish his stocks of powder and shot.

6. …needs Senior citizens in the Town.

7. …needs to increase…(?)

8. …needs to be taken.

9. …needs print disabled people.

10. …needs to enable JavaScript.

11. …needs to be present in our preaching of God’s Word today. (Yeah. Right.)

12. …needs to catch up on the other end.

13. …needs Acrobat Reader, which is a free download.

14. …needs to stay with Sacramento.

15. …needs a Lung Transplant.  (News to me.)

16. …needs at trial.

17. …needs to consult the fantastic website for help.

18. …needs to hold an unlimited access subscription or an account credited with …

19. …needs one from the County.

20. …need not be static or unchanging.

* I say that tagging is….completely optional!


  1. […] I found it on Rob’s site yesterday […]

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