Posted by: Rob | February 18, 2009


Theories of probability would lead one to believe that, given a choice between two possible outcomes, there should roughly be a 50:50 chance of getting one or the other.

If that is the case, then why is it whenever I grab my iPod ear buds to insert into my ears, a disproportionate number of times the “L” one winds up in my right hand?



  1. Yes I have often wondered about that too. When you have only two choices it should be a 50/50 split on average. But faced with such choices I so often seem to end up with the wrong one. Maybe its just a matter of perception. We tend to remember more the irritation of the wrong choice. Or do we really influence the choice by our thinking? Maybe if you make a choice thinking I know this will be the wrong one as usual the wrong one will more often occur.

  2. put a colored dot on the right one?

    i’m with john – i think we remember the screw ups as anomalies…

  3. I don’t think that randomness is as random as we would like to think. Invisible forces are hard at work.

  4. It’s for the same reason that dropped toast will almost always land buttered side down on the floor. Sod’s law. Like me, today, who spent a good ten minutes trying to unlock my laptop lock cable with the key to my filing cabinet. Loki loves a good joke ….

  5. Remember Murphy? His dues are paid up; Probability’s aren’t…

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