Posted by: Rob | February 13, 2009

Overused phrase

I’ve been listening to CNN, Fox News, CNBC and C-Span a lot over the last few months.  (Don’t ask why, it is what it is.)

The most overused phrase ever?  “….the American people…..”

It’s starting to make bile rise in my throat every time I hear it.  I wonder, do said “American people” really buy what is coming out of the mouths of their elected representatives?

Really, I can not say I have ever heard an analogous phrase in my country (or any other).



  1. i can assure you that the term “Americans”, used in reference to people who live in the United States, annoyed the fucking daylights out of our tour guide when i was wandering South America…

  2. As and “American People”, it annoys the heck out of me as well…

  3. In South Africa, the phrase is “Our People”, which implies a level of ownership which makes me distinctly uncomfortable.

  4. It is dangerous to say, “the American people”, as most American people don’t know how they feel till the media tells them.

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