Posted by: Rob | February 9, 2009

The Road to Wellville

Last October my massage therapist suggested that I go to a chiropractor to get my neck aligned.

Three plus months later and I’m still going 2 or 3 times weekly for alignment as well as low volt electro therapy. Needless to say, the apparent lack of progress has been discouraging.

While my neck is not as sore as it was when I started this treatment regimen, I still have some stiffness in the lower neck and, apparently, my total range of motion is less than optimal.

My discouragement must have been evident on my face for in response to my saying to my chiropractor that I didn’t understand why my muscles refused to loosen up, he asked me if was into taking any supplements.

“You can take Omega-3’s and try some ginger root, which is an anti-inflammatory.”

I asked Annie to pick me up some Omega-3 and ginger root on her next visit to the health food store.

She came home with a bottle of cod liver oil which, apparently, is a source of Omega-3 oil. I still have childhood recollections of cod liver oil. Mostly of how awful that stuff tastes.

“This one is strawberry flavoured,” Annie said, helpfully.

I tried it.

“It tastes like raw strawberry fish,” I grimaced.


“Not really.”

I’m taking a teaspoonful every day now. I better see some results.


  1. eeewweee===I would definitely tell Miss Anne that a pill is much easier to take than–fish syrup. Where did your chiropractor go to school? If you don’t mind me asking, my best friend’s husband is the MOST fabulous chiropractor in the universe and I swear by his treatments, but they never last weeks and weeks—-hang in there.

  2. cynical brain says “chiropractors make you feel temporarily better because they have car payments to make…”, but in fact, i know of too many ‘miracles’ done by said chiropractors to dismiss it entirely.

    drink the demon oil. keep a calendar… i’d give it 30 days and then demand more manipulation. or something.

  3. A chiropractor saved me from more disability than I have now, but it took six months. And a visit to a physiatrist, a specialist in rehabilitation medicine. If you have some serious arthritis in there, it may take more than chiropractic.

  4. I’d say you might need a new chiropractor. If the stinky medicine doesn’t work out, get a second opinion, for sure.

  5. Dude, that shit comes in little gel capsules which you can swallow whole – none of that crappy taste. Try and get the Omega 3 and 6 variety, 1000mg. Good for the gray matter ..

  6. Raw strawberry fish, next on New Ideas in Sushi. Stay tuned.

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