Posted by: Rob | January 20, 2009

Spirit Visitations

Both Annie and I have written before about our home and its preponderance for spirit visitation.

The tricky part, at least for me, seems to be sorting out the meaning behind the message. Or how to interpret it.

A couple of recent occurrences:

Within the last week or so, I was awakened from a sound sleep. I “heard” someone say “You know” clear as a bell. At first I thought it was Annie talking in her sleep but as I lay still waiting for more words, all I heard was her deep breathing.

Then I had a sense of another presence in the room. I thought that if I opened my eyes I might see another wraith-like apparition as I had last fall.

I kept my eyes closed though, ignoring the presence and was able to go back to sleep.

Last night, I was again awakened from a sound sleep, although I’m not sure by what means. As I lay there, I inhaled a breath through my nose and was taken aback at the strong smell of tobacco smoke. I took a second breath – tentatively – and the smoke smell was still there, but not quite as strong. A third breath and…nothing.

The window was not open.  The furnace was not running.  The smoke smell did not appear to have an explicable origin.

I pondered who could be sending this message and slowly dropped off back to sleep.


  1. Maybe two ghosts had just finished having sex.

  2. I am a bit tired of all our dead relations using our home as a way station.

  3. My ex-wife’s abdominal emmissions used to smell like tobacco.

  4. You guys are crazy! I would get the flying fuck out of that house so fast that a spirit would feel insulted.

  5. I think Annie hit it on the head. Your home is being used as a way station by dead relatives. I can’t help you. But I don’t think they will harm you. I bet Annie’s dad just dropped by to see how she was doing.

  6. at least ask them to clean the bathroom or dust the furniture next time they visit. if your place is to be a way station, make ’em pay!

  7. does Bose make “spirit” canceling headphones? their noise canceling jobbies work great for me on airplanes…

  8. […] to focus this week because I’ve been fighting a sinus infection,both Rob and BabyD have had spiritual encounters*, the Steelers won the AFC, and controversy in the form of assumptions and projections found me […]

  9. Looking at some of the resonses, there are a lot of people who have little understanding of the unusual. For the psst 5 months I have had almost nightly visits and find it completely fascinating and would not want it to stop.

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