Posted by: Rob | November 28, 2008

Friday Funny – Spring Break Mistake – Twofer!

Not much intro needed for this short clip.  Don’t you love it when the “cool dudes” get their comeuppance?

A tip o’ the hat (in a ’round about way): fwengebola

After finishing up this post, I was cruising around on youtube and found this hilarious bit from CollegeHumor.  The clip is based on, or more accurately is a parody of, the movie Memento.  Memento was a classic film, one of the very few I can watch more than once.  This parody, though, had me laughing my ass off.  Take a look:


  1. love it! there are a few more ‘derrick comedy’ videos that crack me up. one on the “spelling bee” and one that’s about a 6th grad talent competition…

  2. Those “cool dudes” are the kind of guys who use to surround me and take my lunch money away in junior high school.

  3. OMG that Memento parody is too funny!

  4. Oh wow man, deja vu!

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