Posted by: Rob | November 26, 2008

Dregs of the Internet? You be the judge…

There’s a blog I read that I found using the Next Blog button on blogger.  It’s a multiple contributor blog but it really has only one consistent poster.  Since said poster is, I believe, a student, posting is a little intermittent.  But, the point of this is that one of the post tags used over there is “Dregs of the Internet”.  This tag is generally employed when unbelievable posts are encountered, usually as comments on other blogs.  I would think, based on what I have seen, that to be labeled as “Dregs of the internet” would not be a positive thing.

Recent events have been unfolding in real time that are somewhat close to home.  Anyone who reads my blog likely also reads my wife’s blog and, by extension, knows that she is an aspiring writer and that for NaNoWriMo this year she is working on her memoir.

A recent update on the status of said memoir has attracted some negative attention.  On the basis of little to no real data or facts, this unwelcome and anonymous reader has created a small groundswell in the internet that has resulted in heretofore unseen levels of traffic.

How was this done you ask?

Well by means of a simple alarmist post on an internet message board, complete with a link to my wife’s blog.

Go read.  Make sure you read all of the comments.  I’ll wait.

Since the nature of the post and its attendant replies has taken on aspects of cyber-stalking, a formal request to the site admin has been made to remove the offending thread.  Failing a satisfactory response by that avenue, petition will be made to the board of the organization that hosts the bulletin board site.

Now is that or is that not an example of dregs of the internet?  You be the judge.  (Use the “Comment” box below.)

UPDATED November 30, 2008:  Following a request to both the original poster and the message board site admin, the offending thread has been taken down and so I’ve removed the link previously posted here as it is no longer valid.  While this resolves our immediate concerns with the malicious content posted on the message board, it is not all we have to say on the matter.


  1. That Ann is a good person is evidenced by, if nothing else, her concern for her stats, A lesser woman might have been disturbed more by tone or content.

    Dregs? Absolutely.

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  3. “dregs”. lowercase “d”. don’t deserve capitalization….

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