Posted by: Rob | November 18, 2008

The Matrix Might Run on Windows

I have what could be termed a hate-hate relationship with Windows.  I absolutely hate it.  It has to be the worst operating system ever.

The problem is I’m not really learned enough to switch to something else.  Let’s face it, MS WIndows is ubiquitous and it’s fairly easy to work with, albeit time consuming at times.  And I don’t have the time or the inclination to switch to Linux as midkid has done.

Last night I fired up my desktop PC in order to do my monthly bill paying.  As usually happens, the thing hung up and went off into cyberspace.  I hit the reset button and let it boot up again.  Until it hung.  I hit the reset button a second time and let it boot up again.  Until it hung.  I lost my patience and started it up in safe mode with the intent of removing a bunch of stuff from the boot sequence.

Only you can’t do that in safe mode, apparently.  I went into msconfig and disabled about half of the programs that run on start up.  The next boot into normal mode went fine and I immediately began uninstalling program after program.

Only I went too far and inadvertently uninstalled the drivers for the wireless ethernet card.  Shit!

Forty minutes into what should have been, at tops, a 10 minute bill paying session.  Luckily I was able to download some drivers using my portable (because I could not – in a million years – find the f***ing installation CD that came with the wireless card) and I had it up and running and back on the internet in no time.

I’m now running it pretty much bare bones.  No firewall.  No anti-virus.  No other shit software I don’t use.  It boots up pretty fast.  And I was able to get all the bills paid in about five to ten minutes.


I’m going to end this post on a humourous note (at least I think it’s humourous).  I have Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub on my wordpress blog surfer and I found this hilarious video in a recent post there:

Vodpod videos no longer available.



  1. If you refuse to use a condom when you enter cyberspace, you will get a virus. Guaranteed. And then your computer problems will REALLY start.

    I like the condom analogy. Fortunately, the subject PC is rarely used and my on-line habits are such that exposure to virii carries a probability in the low to nil range. My home network sits behind a router, but I’ll probably go back and re-install some anti-virus software at some point.

    I’ve dealt with virus infections before, most notably when I first got high-speed. It does suck having to “clean” the machine. But back then, the machine had been used by multiple users, some of whom were a little less discriminating about the sites visited.

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