Posted by: Rob | November 17, 2008

Monday Jumble

An update of sorts for my meagre complement of readers.

First, my father-in-law.  After falling at the cancer hospital and breaking a hip (not the cancerous one), he was transferred to another hospital that, I guess, specializes more in bones and the fixing of them.  Despite having a wee touch of pneumonia in the lower lobe of one lung, he was deemed strong enough to undergo surgery.  They operated on him yesterday (Sunday) and inserted a couple of permanent pins.

The girls and I were up to see him post-op Sunday evening, but only for a few minutes.  He was still very groggy from the anaesthetic.   I spoke to him about this and that as we stood alongside his bed but I was not able to discern any of his whispered responses.  I glanced over at the girls and, noting how stricken they looked, realized that they have really had to come to the bedside of too many people in failing health in the last while.

The plan for my father-in-law is that, once recovered from the hip surgery, he will be shuttled back and forth to the cancer hospital for his planned radiation treatments.  Last I heard there was to be a course of five daily radiation treatments.

After that he will shipped back home.  Arrangements are being made to get him into a room at the seniors’ lodge he has selected.  We don’t know how much more time he has among the living.  I guess it depends upon him.

In other news, we multi-tasked during our trip to the city yesterday.  We hauled a load of lumber scraps and the debris from the demolition and reconstruction of the kitchen window to the landfill.

I am building a dollhouse for BabyD for Christmas, so we stopped by a hobby store looking for some supplies.  I am looking to buy pre-made shingles and siding in order to save the time required to produce them myself.  We came away empty-handed though.  Looks like I will have to order what I need via the internet.

Last stop before picking up the girls and going up to the hospital was the furniture store.  A week or so ago a flyer from Leon’s hit our mailbox.  We have been talking about updating some of the furniture and the Leon’s flyer seem to hit a triple in having a sectional sofa, dining room set and a new mattress set that would meet our needs and was all on sale.

We went with the sofa, the dining set and we let the salesman upgrade us on the sleeper set.  It wasn’t a hard sell though.  All we had to do was lay down on the various floor models.  Having had suffered most of my life with chronic back problems and pain I quickly noted the differences in the different mattresses, especially the ones that almost immediately alleviated the nagging lower back pain.

We had to go back and forth on the type of set we could select as the mattress needs to be “foldable”.  King sets use two box springs and I can easily get those up the steep narrow stairs with a 180 turn to the bedroom on the upper floor.  However, double size is the largest mattress that will fit.*  The current king set in the master bedroom has a foldable mattress and it easily went up the stairs.

By all accounts, the mattress set we bought has a somewhat “foldable” mattress and we should be able to get up the stairs to our bedroom.  The proof will be in the pudding when it’s delivered on Friday.

We will take delivery of the sofa on Friday as well, however, the dining set is 4 to 8 weeks off.  Sadly, I have to admit, the sofa and the dining set are “produced in Asia”**.

Sunday night was a restless one and quite a bit of sleep was missed as a result.  To top it all off, an attempt to sleep in and catch up was hampered by some industrial noise in the neighbourhood.  I couldn’t figure out what it was at first but then the sounds became identifiable.  A house on the next street over had a large tree or two come down in a high wind storm experienced here a few weeks back while we were in Iowa.  Today’s noise was a chainsaw and chipper crew cutting up the tree debris and “disposing” of it.  Joy.

So now I’m off to start the week with yet another sleep debt.  Given what’s on our plates at the moment I have low hopes for any improvement in the sleep situation.  Unless, of course, that new sleeper set makes all the difference.

* We had a queen sized sleeper set when we first bought the house.  I had to tear out the door frame at the bottom of the stairs in order to get the box spring to clear the opening.  The handrails on both stairways had to come off as well (and they’re still off…).  Even then, the queen box spring was quite twisted and loaded with potential energy as we forced it around that 180 degree bend.  Someone lost their grip, however, and one corner sprung out…and through one of the panes of glass of the landing window.  Since then, the old wood frame window has been replaced with a PVC framed thermal pane window and the doorway at the bottom of the stairs has been refinished sans door jambs.  The queen went over to ElderD’s room when we acquired the soon to be retired king set and when she moved out I had to take the box spring apart to get it down the stairs.  I was, however, able to re-assemble it to useable condition.

** The salesman’s term which I take is code for “Made in China”.



  1. Do you really have a meager amount of readers or is that sarcasm? If so, does that bother you?

    I have NO carpentry skills. I barely qualify as a man. I’m not allowed in Home Depot because I can’t get past the testosterone checkpoint.

    Have you tried acupuncture for your back?

    A meager amount? Well, on days when I don’t post something new, there’s generally 5 to 10 views. On days when I do post something about 20 to 30 people stop by. If there’s a particularly depressing topic in the subject line, I might get 50 to 60 views, but that’s a rarity.

    Does it bother me? (meager readers) No, not really. I’ve asked myself repeatedly why I do this blogging thing. I still don’t have an answer, other than it’s an outlet for some things I want to say. It’s also been an interesting to get to “know” others from around the world. Something that was more akin to (and probably less satisfying) than the pen-pal concept of my youth (although I never did that pen-pal thing with some kid from elsewhere in the world). Suffice to say that the Mrs. is serious about this writing stuff – her blog attracts around 10x or more viewers than mine (not including her other contributor gigs) – and that sometimes eggs me on as well. But I try to not let it do so. 🙂

    Handymanlyness is not the only measure of a man. We are all products of our upbringing, experiences and influences. And what we do is dependent on what we’re interested in. My interests, skills and abilities are as unique as I am. And that’s just who I am. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Acupuncture: I have not tried that for my back. I have a hereditary congenital defect going for me. I manage it through awareness, chiropractic adjustments and, more recently, massage therapy. And a kind of holistic approach to health and wellness. I probably need to exercise more than I do currently, though.

  2. love my pillowtop mattress with the upgraded springs… my back doesn’t tweak the way it used to!

    when taking the kids to see dad in the hospital, we kept it fairly short (they were a bit younger). once, though, when he was in ‘rehab’ and had a room to himself, we had a pizza party – and that’s the visit the kids remember best… maybe if your dad gets settled, and feels better after radiation?

    Definitely looking forward to the pillow top! Three more sleeps!

    I think that too much time has passed with too little relationship building. About all we can do is show our faces from time to time. We’re a mixed blessing, I suppose. Family that cares enough to show up and yet reminders of the daughter he lost.

  3. Rob, I have about the same number of readers, unless I show skin, or somebody links to me. Since I am amazed that anyone reads and comments on my blog, this is just dandy.
    Someday, we really are going to have to look at the costs of all this surgery on someone who is not likely to benefit from it. It’s no wonder we spend the most money on healthcare in the last six months of our lives. You have to wonder how much pain the surgery caused a man already in pain, vs. palliative treatment. If it will make him more comfortable at the end than leaving the hip broken, I suppose it’s worth it, but it seems foolish.

    I am so not showing skin, no matter how many people want to ogle a fat, hairy bastard.

    The medicos are sometimes discriminating. When my dad was in hospital after having a heart attack, we had a talk with his doctor about options. Due to his lifestyle choices, diabetes and other assorted health issues, the doctor was pretty clear that Dad would never be a candidate for a transplant.

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