Posted by: Rob | October 13, 2008

What is the message?

There have been times when I have “heard” my name being called.  It’s not hearing through the ears though.  It’s “hearing” on some other level.  Often it occurs when I am lightly asleep and on the verge of falling into deep sleep.

This morning at about 4:15 am I was deep asleep.  And then I was instantly wide awake.  I “heard” my name – “Rob!” – called once, stridently and urgently.  And then, even as the “b” sound was yet fading, my name was said again.  This second time, though, it was spoken by Ann.  Even though she was fast asleep.  And then I felt something like fingers walking their way down the comforter at the foot of the bed.

I opened my eyes and checked the time.  Then I looked down the length of the bed at the far wall.  Some hanging clothes cast a shadow on the wall.  But within that shadow there was something that had the appearance of an apparition.  An apparition in white.  It looked three dimensional and solid, yet floated and shifted in the dim light.

Granted, I am very myopic and I did not have my eye glasses on, so it was difficult to see anything clearly.  While I “sensed” a presence I was not sure of the appartion’s intent.  When it looked to be slowly moving towards me I felt the need for a second opinion.

I woke Ann up.  She asked me groggily, “What’s the matter?”  I briefly explained the circumstances of my own waking and asked her if she could see anything across the room.  All she could see was the shadow cast by the hanging clothes.

I switched on the bedside lamp and, of course, there was nothing there to be seen.  I switched the light back off.  I got up and rearranged the hanging clothes and eliminated the dark shadows.

We talked for a bit about what had just happened, and then we struggled to get back to sleep.

And I was left wondering what was the reason for this visit?  What is the message?



  1. More will be revealed. My encounters with such as that usually happened around the time of a death in the family, usually of one of the elders.

  2. Much like Mr. Scrooge, you’ve eaten a bit of undercooked beef. Or perhaps Haloween is in the air.

  3. […] woke me in the wee hours with reports of our ghosties renewing activities again. I didn’t see what he did or remember echoing the ghost in my sleep […]

  4. More gravy than grave, Banishment?

    I felt a tremor in “the force” of late so the ghosty visit doesn’t surprise me. Someone is dying.

    I didn’t see what Rob saw but he forgot to mention the “fingertips” on the covers and I did notice that.

    I forgot to put the part about the fingertips in; I’ve added that to the post. You should have told me you continued to feel something tapping on the bed sweetie!

  5. [shudder] it’s reading these accounts that make me glad i’m “psychically deaf” (as a ghost-hunting friend described it…). ok by me…

  6. […] Then I had a sense of another presence in the room. I thought that if I opened my eyes I might see another wraith-like apparition as I had last fall. […]

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