Posted by: Rob | September 29, 2008

Updated – Deep Thoughts – by Jack Handey

Do you remember the “Deep Thoughts” segment on SNL?  They were always good for a giggle, I thought.

I was going through some old saved e-mails (yeah, work e-mail) and I discovered this one I had received from a friend and co-worker.  The co-worker’s retired now (lucky devil).

In the interest of making space on my company’s e-mail server, I’m going to delete the e-mail.  But not before I preserve these gems for a bit longer here on the ol’ “internets”.  Enjoy this bit of a Monday morning funny:


A blogging friend (Thanks Marsha!) left me a comment entreating me to visit for the full effect.  Dutifully visiting I found the following copyright notice: All Material copyright by Jack Handey.  No Deep Thoughts may be reproduced or posted on websites without permission.

So, in deference to the rights holder, I have removed the Jack Handey Deep Thoughts material from my blog and highly suggest you visit the linked site to enjoy Jack Handey’s Deep Thoughts.

I also learned that Jack Handey is a real person and it was he who narrated the Deep Thoughts segments on SNL.

They also have a neat little widget you can put on your site.



  1. Deep Thought – if you post something on a blog, then take it down because it’s covered by copyright (and you’re a decent human being), it’s kinda cool that it still sort of exists in Google Reader… like a parallel universe or something!

  2. I stand corrected on the narrator! Phil Hartman merely introduced the bit. I see the light. And I agree with daisy; you get an A+ for taking down copyrighted material.

  3. Deep Thought- if you read a post on something cool like Deep Thoughts and then take it down out of a righteous consciousness or something it makes you—well—righteous or something…

    Yeah–I really suck at this—

  4. Rob,
    Challenge Jack Handey to single combat for the right to his thoughts. That’s how I’d handle it.

    You did the right thing.

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