Posted by: Rob | September 15, 2008

Indecision ’08 – America Votes?

I was checking a few blogs today via bloglines.  One blog I subscribe to belongs to a self-described Libertarian named Kurt.  (There are three contributors to the blog but Kurt is the main man.)  I learned of Kurt, or became acquainted with him, via an on-line support community for young widowed people.

I guess I don’t know what the definition of Libertarian is; I’d thought it might be an agglomeration of Liberal and Contrarian.  I’m too lazy to look it up.

Kurt’s posts – at least those of a political nature – are typically right wing leaning.  Kurt never shies away from a debate and he always asserts that arguments be backed up by facts and/or data.  That’s all well and good and he has always published my dissenting views (when I’ve written them) on his blog.

The post I read today was calling attention to some media published spew from the Democrat side that was essentially running down their Republican rivals.  I read the piece and an already present comment from another reader before weighing in with my own thoughts that this is not a one-sided occurrence.

I went on to say that the shrill factor in the discourse – as observed in popular media – has pretty much gone over the top and that I have tuned out, pretty much in disgust.  I also espoused my concerns (or thoughts) about GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin.  From what I have heard, read and seen Palin has embraced the flip-flop ideology because it’s politically expedient.  Her words today are pretty much in direct odds with her past actions as mayor of a small Alaska town and later as Governor of that state.

Then I recalled a post I had come across recently, via the WordPress Dashboard, with the quaint title “Joe Eviscerates the GOP”.  It was an astounding rant authored in an on-line forum and reprinted by the blogger with the author’s permission.  Clearly a Democrat supporter, Joe superbly summarized many of the qualities of the conservatives who control the Republican party today.

I’m reproducing a couple of the more brilliant quotes here, but I would heartily suggest you read the entire post yourself.

From “Joe Eviscerates the GOP“, posted on The Zoo:

Morals. Do conservatives even have morals? As far as I can see they value only themselves and money. Oh wait, they care about the unborn babies. They care, care, care oh so much, much, much about those unborn babies – and then they became BORN babies and its FUCK ‘EM – I ain’t paying no taxes to educate that kid, or give him health care, or keep him out of jail, or help feed him good NUTRITIOUS food or make sure he grows up in a good home. Make sure that all the poor, poor, poor unborn babies are born so that they can grow up unwanted and living in shit.

But wait I’m not saying that conservatives don’t care about the future generations: conservatives are always willing to spend the big bucks on prisons and executions to make up for the pocket change they saved by shorting on schools and social programs. It’s a matter of principle with them: Ayn Rand and the ownership society or some such crap that most of us saw through as unworkable Utopian horseshit back in sophomore year of high school.

Here’s a big lie: Conservative leadership has kept us safe since 9-11. The success of 9-11 was due almost entirely to the element of surprise. Al Qaeda no longer has that. The shoe bomber was stopped by ordinary, alert citizens, not by the FBI, CIA or NSA. Al Qaeda has a lot more trouble working in our country simply because our citizens are, comparatively to pre 9-11, hyper-vigilant.

Besides, there was that devastating attack we suffered 3 years ago. Thousands dead [or missing]. A major American city destroyed. Who was in charge of keeping us safe from Katrina but the Department of Homeland Security? They had excellent intel. They knew, days in advance, how big the attack was, the nature of the attack, where it would occur, and when it would occur. Yet they still failed to evacuate 1000s of the poorest, most vulnerable citizens of New Orleans. If they failed so miserably with a hurricane – a type of storm that we have had hundreds of years to become accustomed to – it is almost inconceivable to think what a clusterfuck they would have made of a terrorist attack.


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  1. In my case, Joe is preaching to the choir. I only hope that the choir is big enough to vote in the changes that folks like me feel are needed come November. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. The only thing the Libertarian are right about is that the drug war is costing us more than it’s worth. Libertarians believe in the really free free market, including in drugs. I have a Libertarian brother-in-law, product of a beer fortune. My sister, who is as liberal as I am, may tame him. But I like him, he listens to people and isn’t as obnoxious as my Republican brother. Personally, I think we should take all the ideologies, shake them up in a bag, and pick out the best points of each.

  3. Thanks for prompting me to think about this. I am working up a post on libertarians.

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